Its origin must it the search in ways to conserve the meat, in the cured form. In accordance with the Brazilian legislation, the sausage is fit in the sub-category that is part of category 8? carnceos meats and products, and are defined as product prepared with meats, toucinhos and condiments, perfectly triturated and maturados, inlaid in fine guts of new swines, goat ovinos and or in appropriate, stews and slightly cured plastics or not. 2 the percentage of humidity of the food becomes related with the amount of available water in existing it. The humidity text corresponds to the loss in weight suffered for the when warm food in conditions in which the water is removed. In the reality, it is not only to be removed water, but other substances that if volatilize in these conditions.

The residue gotten in the direct heating is called dry residue. The direct heating of the sample around 105C it is the process most usual in food samples. Food samples that if they decompose, or initiate transformations to this temperature, must be warm in greenhouses. In the cases where other volatile substances are gifts, the text determination of real humidity must be made by process of destillation with imiscveis liquids. The official method for determination of humidity, as normative n.20, is of greenhouse 105C 3C during 24horas and is after based on the difference of mass of the sample before and the process of 3 drying. The calculation indicated for the amount of humidity, by the Ministry of Agriculture, is made on the ready product, for the half relation of three and water parts for a protein part. 4 the determination of the mineral constituent of foods is carried through by the quantification of leached ashes. Ash of a food is the inorgnico residue that after remains the burning of the organic substance that is transformed into Co2, H2O and IN the 2.

A Family Traveling Around The World

A few years ago a Russian family decided to build a new house in the city of Adler. They applied for permission from the authorities of that city let them build a house. First I had left to build but when there were few days to be completed this house officials changed their decision from unknown causes and put them in a lawsuit to that family for illegal construction. Therefore state that building about to be completed had been destroyed and then Lazarev's family came up with the idea of living traveling the planet Earth, carrying the name notable. The trial of those what had happened was like the omen. For God referred them it would be better to live traveling all over the world and have no permanent residence. Agood! So begin their new life.

Continue to travel both in Russia and other Paice. Failure to obtain passports and other identity documents (Miroslava least her mother) does not prevent cross borders. That family members never seek assistance medical and until all six children were born not in maternity home but … bathrooms home. Therefore those children have no birth documents. And they never studied in school and not discussed in this ever because they are instructed to her mother. Strangely this family does not care about their unhappy fate.

Their way of living is somewhat similar to that of the gypsies. As is often live from day to day changing accommodation. Paicas have visited many of whom are paicas of Europe, Central Asia. They are currently thinking about traveling to Africa, America and the Far East. The members of this family, especially Miroslava Nicolai and who are the parents would be fools. But Nicolai Lazarev has disproved this assumption to declare openly: "I warn you that things do not go out of my control. Each person has the right to live as you want. "For more detail about this family follow the link below:.

Zang Environment

Observe the interior and exterior of the Interior body refers to the inside of the human body or to the internal environment of the body, while outside refers to the surface of the body or to the natural environment of which human beings are dependent.A human being is an organic whole and is closely related to the natural world. When a sick person, safe disease is closely related to a functional disorder of the Zang-Fu organs, Qi and blood, as well as the meridians and collaterals.The pathological changes in the interior of the body are manifested on the surface of the body.Therefore, in the diagnosis of a disease, internal changes can be inferred by observing the outer appearance, and systematic changes can be discovered by the observation of a localized area; internal pathological changes of Zang-Fu organs, qi and blood can be detected by studying signs and external symptoms.For example, if we observe redness, swelling and pain in the eyes caused by a rise in the liver fire, then, during the diagnosis, attention must be paid to manifestations such as reddened face, taut pulse, bitter taste in the mouth, or seburra yellow on the tongue. In other words, will have to connect the local changes with the systemic changes and discover the nature of the disease by its signs and external symptoms.On the other hand, the manifestation of the disease is usually defined and influenced by the natural environment. Phenomena such as alterations in climate, the sudden cold, or other sudden attacks to the body lead to disease.Therefore, pay attention to the interrelationships between the environment and the internal environment. Search for causal factors based on differentiation and determine the treatment according to the etiology this principle represents the major points in the determination of the treatment based on the differentiation of syndromes.This is explained in the following two aspects: concepts of symptom, syndrome and disease – symptom: irregular manifestations of a disease, such as headaches, fever, sweating, and/or thirst.