Passauer Land

And again the white ball flies in Bad Griesbach Golf opening 2009 the Hartl Golf Resort Bad Griesbach with a new title has decorated itself: thanks to the largest tournament ever played, it was Golf Resort inclusion in the book of Guinness World of records. Exactly 712 participants went on a sunny spring day per gun start on five 18-hole courses at the tee. Has never been so much golf at a single tournament. Lots of know-how, organization and logistics were needed to stage this mega-event smoothly. Promienten of sports, music and television were it not suppose to participate in this legendary event, which was a beautiful degree music, fashion show and fireworks on a gorgeous evening Gala with certificate ceremony, live. The Hartl golf resort may described long as “largest golf resort in Europe”. For the six 18-hole courses, the German Golf Association in the Red Valley has the three 9-hole courses and the Golfodrom as training centre without a reason his national Established centre of excellence”.

No wonder that it attracts more and more enthusiasts after Bad Griesbach, but also to other golf destinations in the Passauer land. Infected by the triumph of the small, white balls also other communities in the Red Valley Spa triangle with Bad Griesbach offer attractive game in its midst. Today is the Spa triangle with 18 golf courses within a radius of about 50 kilometers an exceptional Golf Dorado. In the Passauer land, putting on natural golf. “” In the golf thermal Golf bad Fussing Kirchham “in bad Fussing or with the golf park Bella Vista” in bad Birnbach. In the midst of beautiful old trees of the Bavarian Forest is der Donau Golf Club Passau Raad. First Feng Shui golf course at the Neuburg forest near Passau and Furstenzell complements this offering from Summer 2009 in Germany.

IBM Zurich Research

MADE IN IBM LABS: IBM researchers achieve record density on magnetic tape, Zurich, Vienna, January 22, 2010: researchers from IBM Zurich Research (NYSE: IBM) 29.5 gigabits per square inch (around 6.45 cm2) on an advanced test tapes have written in cooperation with the Japanese company FUJIFILM that corresponds to the 39-fachen density of the currently leading industry standard magnetic tape product. 1 this milestone shows that one of the oldest technologies for data storage has the potential, to provide further capacity increases for many years. Today’s announcement signals to customers that the tape storage technology can maintain its cost advantage over hard drive save and Flash and allows future affordable and robust data backup\”, says Cindy Grossman, Vice President, IBM tape storage and archiving systems. Companies use magnetic tape typically large amounts of important data to secure, not regularly used or no access in the Require millisecond range. These include data and video archive, backup files and backup copies in the context of disaster management or regulatory compliance. To achieve the demonstrated record storage density, researchers developed the IBM several new data-recording technology.

In addition she worked during three years intensively with FUJIFILM on the optimization of the next generation of double coated, barium ferrite particles-based magnetic tape. A tape cartridge in the size of one in the industry-standard LTO (linear tape open) specified cartridge up to 35 terabytes could uncompressed data aufnehmen2 with the newly developed technologies and bands. This corresponds to about the 44 fachen3 of the capacity of today’s LTO cartridges of the fourth generation, which have about half the size a VHS video cassette. To illustrate: 35 terabytes correspond to the amount of text in about 35 million books on data. To keep them on, one would need a bookshelf in a length of about 400 kilometres. This demonstration is an important step on the way to the development of tape storage with an areal density of 100 billion bits per square inch.


Electric mowers electric lawn mower is the ideal tool dedicated to the care of a relatively small lawns. Working characteristics of this instrument ensures excellent performance and can handle any kind of herbal pokrova.Dostoinstva electric lawn mowers – low noise – low weight – less Electric lawn mowers razmerNedostatki – low mobility (the radius of gazonokosilkiogranichen cable length) – there is a risk of electric shock (mowing in wet conditions, damage to the cord and etc.) – may be overheating components and mechanisms of the unit during prolonged use (this affects the duration of the operation of the tool) How to choose an electric lawnmower – if you lawn has an area of 100 square meters, the purchase of a powerful unit capable of processing up to 1000 "square" is simply impractical, as would lead to unnecessary cost – look for housing lawn mowers, from which it is made. Most robust housing made of steel, the lightest of the plastic, and ideal structural material is aluminum, because it combines the strength of steel and not subject to corrosion – evaluate the ergonomics of Control knobs and lawn mowers. Comfortable grip facilitate the operation and save you from excessive physical activity – selecting an electric lawn mower, make sure the availability of energy source (no electricity in your area is a strong argument in favor of vyboragazonokosilki with gasoline) petrol lawn mowers lawn mower with a petrol engine is the ideal tool for maintenance large lawns with any relief. The presence in the construction of its own tank of fuel increases endurance and gives you greater freedom of action. The advantages of petrol lawn mowers – a powerful engine (Allowing the treated area of any size) – High flexibility instrument (a complex topography of the soil does not affect performance mower) – good mobility and a long operating cycle Disadvantages gasoline lawn mowers – a high noise level, as well as toxic waste released into the atmosphere – petrol lawn mowers require a different approach to organizing a system of quick engine start, which complicates structure and affect the final cost to the buyer instrumenta.Obschie recommendations: – lawn mower with a four-stroke engine is more expensive but more economical (you save on expensive fuel) – do not skimp on "Self-propelled" mechanism (petrol lawnmowers are very massive, and lack of drive wheels on the trolley will complicate your work) – if your terrain with irregularities that impede the movement of lawnmowers, then select it with great diameter of the rear wheel pair – if you have a lawn with a complex shape, then take the model with front-wheel drive, not rear, as it is more maneuverable – look at the knives lawnmower. Choose the model, in which no special effort, you can replace the cutting tool or a model with replaceable blades (their installation will not break balancing drum mower) – Pick a model with a maximum width of the cutting (the larger the width mowing the lawn is processed more quickly, thus reducing fuel consumption and wear parts and components of lawn mowers). So make your choice and enjoy the lawn, not only when lying down or playing on it, but when caring for nim.U us you can choose and buy your best lawn mower or electric trimmers and gasoline from reputable manufacturers. Book online or go through to our shop Bratislava.