Dutch Governor Peter Stuyvesant

Harlem is a neighborhood in New York City located in the North of the island of Manhattan. It is approximately bounded by streets 96 Street to 155th Street to the North and the South. It’s an African-American neighborhood, except for the part that is left to the East of Fifth Avenue, which is a Hispanic area known as Spanish Harlem or East Harlem. In New York neighborhoods are very marked, and actually crossing a street virtually everyone who is seen by the streets is one race or another. In 1658, taking advantage of the fertility of the land in the area, the Dutch Governor Peter Stuyvesant founded the village of Nieuw Haarlem, in reference to the Dutch city of Haarlem.El African-American character of Harlem has its origin in 1920, when the estate agent Philip Payton acquired numerous devalued buildings and rented them to members of their same black community that had been evicted from other sectors of New York. The arrival at that moment of black around the country artists, musicians and intellectuals gave rise to the famous Harlem Renaissance, becoming popular culture and African-American music in all New York.En the 1960s the neighborhood was degenerating into the mythical dangerous neighborhood portrayed in many films. Currently Harlem is returning to be a neighbourhood quiet and safe, although at the moment it is not recommended straying too far from its main arteries: the 116th Street Street, the 125th street Street also called Martin Luther King Boulevard, and the 6th Avenue, here called Lenox Avenue. The main attraction of Harlem today are his famous Gospel masses are held every Sunday in the numerous Baptist churches in the area. Many of them welcome everyone who wants to attend, including tourists and their donations, clear..

Surveys Paid Companies

Paid or remunerated, surveys are surveys in which there are companies that pay you to answer them. Are you interested in knowing if this is a reality or is it a scam? I continued reading this article the reality is that the global economy change and companies no longer used the same techniques of market research and marketing that was used years ago. Why now many companies collect information of future consumers through online forms. You are then paid to the respondent to provide his opinion, and that is how they are able to improve their products. The big question is do you really pay? And the answer is depends. There are many sites which all they do is collect the information of the consumer future, and sell them to marketing agencies. For more information see Drew Houston.

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