Active Units

In the Iran, the radical forces of the regime choose their faithful still more careful from Iranian media as roozonline report of a further restructuring of the Bassij, considered radical and relentless support of the regime. Because not all units have shown the desired use of the merciless, is now sorted. Mohammad Reza Naghdi commanded the paramilitary Bassij. “Mid-April, he announced a reform of the financial flows of the various Bassij units: each Bassij unit receives a support which is in direct proportion to the number of their members.” “He distinguished between”active”and”inactive”Bassij members and added: the definition for an active Bassij Member has changed.” “Naghdi announced changes in the Bassidschigesamtstruktur, which probably includes the exchange of experienced commanders by young executives: older and more experienced Bassij members need to take a step back and act as a consultant.” In addition to “regular police forces, security forces and revolutionary guards, known as Pasdaran, the regime has also special units of the Bassij, such as the day of Ashura last summer” and Al-Zahra “brigades, used against the demonstrators. “” The commanders seem to have been not satisfied to be using some Bassij units and make a rebalancing now, by their members in Active “and not active” divide. “” “The clarification in this matter was on the foot follow Naghdi: from now on, someone is considered an active” Bassij Member, on programs such as the Salehin program “takes part, makes the continued for at least three hours of ideological training and at least 12 hours per month on a Bassij base works.” “The Salehin program” includes ideological, military and political sequences and connecting to the regime and the Pasdaran. The Bassij Commander mentioned only the two principles according to which in future the subsidies be distributed: member number and degree of the Activity.

About the exact amount of the grants Naghdi stated nothing, he gave only an increase of 19% compared to the prior year. Hassan Taeb, the predecessor of Naghdis, is known that had increased the budget for the Bassij from 2008 to 2009 by 200%. Khamenei himself had decreed last autumn put the native Iraqis Naghdi to the top of the Bassij. Helmut N. fork

Augsburg City Centre

Read Islands in schools to improve the reading skills of Augsburg, April 14, 2010: good reading skills is a basic qualification for the academic success of children. The project read island at Augsburg schools to ensure an attractive offer to the promotion of reading primarily at primary and secondary schools. The country office Munich for the public Librarianship in Bavaria supports the project. The St. George school in Augsburg City Centre is already for a long time trying to make it easier for children to access to printed.

She is been sought out as a pioneer in Augsburg for the project. Four computer workstations allow young users in addition to the independent research in the media also have a direct link to the new public library of Augsburg with Internet connection. Get all the facts and insights with Drew Houston, another great source of information. An important educational goal is to accustom children as early as possible on the handling and reading of books. Two objectives are pursued with the project read island”in Augsburg: a strengthening of the reading motivation and mediation of Pleasure of reading. On the other hand the support of learning in the classroom and outside. Knowledgeable commitment of teachers as well as nicely designed read or learning places are an important building block for the all-day life and learning at school.

The read Island accommodates the work with a class or in working groups outside of the classroom. Regardless the starting conditions at a school a read island can be set up almost anywhere. It can be housed in a separate room, or can be integrated into a school library. The room should have computer and Internet connections. 40 square metres are recommended as minimum size. The media collection includes fiction, children books, magazines, drama, learning and games software depending on the age group. The best library software is used to manage and hire the media by datronic. School libraries and read Islands can use the library system on the Internet in the datronic data center. In the read island are only PC’s with Internet access required. A comfortable WebOPAC for the Internet research in the media stock is available. Team several islands of reading and libraries are easy to implement quickly and cost-effectively. As a result, the media holdings of individual schools can be shared.

Free Internet Access Now Available In Furstenwalde And Surroundings

A new IT-service-NET partners ensures order and security to the EDP Jurgen Kaping from the company IT service K.v wants to do something, however, and has installed an own hotspot. The prospective buyer can not only free surf here now, he can find out more from the advantages of an own free hotspots. IT service K.v is a partner in the nationwide IT-service-net. The service network committed to the dissemination of free Wi-Fi in Germany, because there is still a huge need. Target groups are hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, plazas, municipal facilities, camping and all places where people need to have access to the Internet, E-Mail, etc. or want. Free hotspot provides the necessary infrastructure, including the necessary routers and software.

The button customizable content filtering”, so that filter out certain content and compliance with prescribed data retention are required by law of this of course standard. After a short commercial message received the user access to the Internet and can surf or retrieve mail. Through the calculated advertising operator can be offered a wireless service for the lowest price the HotSpot. But also the hotspot operator a hotel, a cafe with establishing a free hotspot is gaining appeal and win new customers. By advertising for his company or through cooperation with adjacent stores additional advertising revenue and also sales can be generated. Oak Ridge is often quoted as being for or against this. The package offers high value for a hotel the hotspot operator. The hotspot is operated simply on the existing DSL connection, under strict separation between your network and the guest access. Guest access can be expanded almost anywhere for example for additional floors or remote areas.

This of course also applies to areas such as campgrounds, golf or other sports and leisure facilities. To learn more about the free hotspot program to learn or to a free hotspot in the vicinity, simply click on the Website: Jurgen Kaping will be happy to provide the interested party to the non-binding advice. He delivers and installs the hot-spot and additional equipment to ensure optimal operation. For the operator, free hotspot quickly becomes an indispensable sales and image providers. Consulting, installation and the technical availability of the free hotspot installation is ensured through the cooperation of IT service K.v with the nationwide IT-service-net. The IT-service-NET includes over many, distributed strategically in the Federal Republic, bases. Due to the growing demand for hot spots, strengthens his series the network and providing jobs. Interested parties are informed and trained to provide an optimal service in the target group of the interested companies. You will find more information, see. There you can find also the closest partners. K.

UStG Small

An option to the sales tax is often in issuing credit, a small business owner, there is uncertainty about whether separately stated sales tax within the framework of a grant of credit to a small business owner the option of the small entrepreneur gem. 19 UStG is exercised. Example case: A doctor agrees to do so, in the waiting room of his practice to set up TVs (mostly leased) a customer, on the advertising for the products of this principal is sent in addition to General information about the practice and news. The doctor receives a remuneration which he falls due to the low sales UStG under the small businesses scheme of section 19 for this performance. Billed by means of granting of credit by the purchaser (recipient). Here arises the question whether the VAT option this can be exercised, that the contracting authority issuing the credit under separate disclosure of sales tax. Solution: The right of option in a small contractor pursuant to section 19 para 2 UStG can not by the Beneficiaries are exercised separately designated VAT in a credit. Refraining from the non-collection of sales tax in the framework of article 19 paragraph 2 UStG is a reception poor Declaration of intent of the small entrepreneur to the tax office. The waiver may be implied, for example, by submitting a pre-registration or annual tax returns. However, the separate presentation of VAT invoices is not sufficient (cf. FG Baden Wurtenmberg, judgment of 26.07.1991, case 12 V 3/91, EFG 1992, 46, rough/Durr guardian, UStG-come on, 19 RZ. 63/64). Recipient of an invoice is the beneficiary and not the IRS. Thus the separate presentation of USt in a credit not enough to exercise the option of the small entrepreneur, because recipients of credit is also not the IRS. Gem. 14 UStG N.f.. entrepreneurs must be the credit evaluator controller. The exhibition of a credit must be still agreed. Whether VAT should be shown separately, can, however, must be not, be governed by the agreement. A scheme makes sense, especially since the issuing company often don’t know if the party falls under the small businesses scheme. Is VAT incorrectly separately, so the consequences of 14c enter par. 2 UStG. The small business owner owes the incorrect assigned tax. He wants to avoid this, disagree with the small entrepreneur of credit ( 14 para 2 sentence 4 UStG). The contradiction causes that the credit will lose their effect as a Bill. With regard to the consequences of 14c para 2 UStG is to distinguish whether the separate card through the credit issuer with the credit recipient was agreed. The separate statement was agreed, the credit recipient has to be attributable to this. Alone with the contradiction the result of 14 c para 2 UStG is not eliminated. Rather the other prerequisites of 14 c must be para 2 UStG, i.e. the credit recipient must pay for the tax and may apply for the adjustment to the tax office. The tax is It only refunded if the risk of tax revenue has been removed. This is the case, if the financial Office of the credit recipient receives the news of the financial Office of the issuer of the credit, the credit issuer has asserted no deduction from the invoice or the claimed input tax has paid back. The card was not agreed, so this is also not attributable to the credit recipient, causes the opposition gem. 14 para 2 sentence 4 UStG that the effect of the Bill from the point of view of 14 c immediately eliminates UStG. Ingo Heuel (lawyer, accountant, lawyer specializing in tax law) in Bergisch Gladbach (Cologne area)

Pending Berlin Ergonomic Sitting Against Chronic Pain

customized pending chairs in Berlin who most of the time, while we pursue our work, we sit. Now, almost 80% of the work is performed sitting. Usually we take here rigid attitudes and moving too little. Additionally, that most chairs are bad, because they support instead of the movement, rather the opposite. The consequences are a stiff neck and back pain. These sufferings are not rarely chronic. Contact information is here: Business strategist. At best should be sat not long at the piece and again held motion, but for many professions, this is not simply possible or not desirable (what happens for many unverstandis, but is now common practice).

Here, ergonomic chairs would provide remedy, promote the movement rather than the rigidity of movement. Pending chairs – free dynamic sitting pending put chairs on this problem and support free, dynamic sitting. The Chair has a sophisticated technique and can be both forward as turn to the page, without great effort or weight shift. So the smallest Korperbewgungen are passed and a continual movement instead of rigid attitude is encouraged. Thus pending demand of medicine to comply, to promote the “moving” seats.

It is but is not a rocking chair on the gwippt, rather smallest body movements are actively supports without you consciously perceives it. However longer sit on a pending Chair and then settles into a ‘normal’ chair the difference is clear to feel clearly and for everyone. The work can be pursued and back pain a thing of the past. It furthers so not only health but also motivation, as a convenient working place values the workers. Probably could be from a business perspective a purchase warrant, would be questioned the disease status and job satisfaction. ergoBuROdesign pending Berlin ErgoBurodesign takes the demands of medicine to heart and is for pending Berlin. A variety of models are sold here. Many models can be customized, as weight and size now once our people are different. In addition to a good advice, as used on many years of experience and is for each customer time is taken, you can also test it out. However be warned, because often you will no longer stand up, when one firstonce sits in such a Chair. The purchase price is higher than that in conventional chairs, but overall you must determine that such chairs are easily worth the price. In the long run, you have only advantages. Criticism is there only so that pending chairs are sold often only by dealers, so that their awareness is limited. In the capital you can consult but about pending ergoBuROdesign individually. M. Schaaf

Jules Michelet

Maquiavel, the main theoretician of the modern State absolutist, said that for it, the sovereign must not have escrpulos if he wanted to keep the power and the control on the State. Perhaps check out Drew Houston for more information. Criticized for its cynicism and unfastening, its workmanship was the guide for whom it longed for if to become governor. It wrote the Prince (1513), for its ' ' mecenas' ' Loureno de Mdici, whose central idea can be synthecized in the phrase ' ' the ends justify meios' '. In its workmanship, express Maquiavel all its genius, showing to be a man to the front of its time. The book can be considered as in a classic and is from this workmanship of – the beginning to the thought of the modern politics.

The author offers in the prince quarrels concerning problems of daily the governmental one and as to solve them, it is in this context of errors and rightnesss that Maquiavel goes to introduce historical personages since the antiquity until medievo. The prince, does not work with ethics, religion and natural order (scholastic) 1, but with characteristic humanists who came to corroborate with the Renaissance. In way to the politics, Maquiavel had capacity to unmask all the details of this science, therefore it worked direct with the politicians of its time, being thus had arguments enough to say what he was right or wrong inside of a government. Still thus, it left clearly, in its theory, of that he stops being a good not necessary governor to be perfect, only sovereign. The problematic one of this analyzes is in questioning the reason of Maquiavel to make these rescues, through myths of the past to argue the politics. To contribute in the analysis, of this question another author Jules Michelet, also worked in its workmanship with this type of rescue. The renaissance counted on some illustrious figures that had enriched this scene of ascension, as Leonardo Of the Vinci, Botticelli, Michelangelo, among others.

Make Money

You begin a business, traditional or by Internet. Like all the businesses, you begin with many desire and after a time there are some gains. , Nevertheless in agreement it spends the time you see that the business is not going to be able darte what you hoped and that, even, takes more work you than your use. One assumes that the entrepreneurs gain more What happens? This is something that happens to him to much people, especially in businesses by Internet. The work and energy that is needed are the same for any thing, but there are some are gaining millonadas and you as soon as you remove half to hold. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Drew Houston. The difference between which it is gaining much and who as soon as it removes for chewing-gum is that first they invest intelligently to obtain more income with the same work. Although you are the eighth wonder to make some things, always you will have the same limit of time that the others: 24 hours daily. With that limit you only can gain certain amount of money and one finished.

It is here where there is to think about the investment in your own business. You can investigate a market to invest in one automatic tool that gives all ready one you or to follow with gratuitous tools with the limitations that imply. The difference in time is normally of minutes against hours. You can pasrtela battling with subjects and gratuitous graphs for your site or blog or to pay by a subject or made or graphs professional. The difference can be until day time. Many people go away by the way ” gratuito” thinking that she will go to them better and they make everything in case single. The case can occur.

Nevertheless, they limit your own capacities to you and basically you enter the same cycle of being used. A small investment here and there can change to the things and ayudarte completely to make more money by Internet. After all, it is what any industralist does.

Ergonomic Hazards

Resources human HR Press the Ministry of labour and welfare of the Xunta de Galicia is developing a risk map in this autonomous community in order to define more precisely the lines and actions which the regional Executive should continue to reduce the accident rate in this area and establish priorities for preventive action. To make this map, the Galician Institute of safety and occupational health (LABORAL) starts this month a campaign involving more than 100 companies, which must fill out a questionnaire in order to know the presence of this type of risk therein and evaluation and the preventive measures project will be developed in several stages, so that it will act in the various sectors of activity. In this first stage, the companies belong to economic activities such as assistance in residential establishments, services to buildings and gardening, textiles, manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers and trade activities to the by minor, except of motor vehicles. The initiative runs until the year 2013, extending to other sectors. The LABORAL will prepare a report for each enterprise with conclusions on measures to implement corrective in 2011 were recorded in sinister 10.709 Galicia labour for such disorders.

The sector where most were recorded was services, with 48%, followed by industry, 30%, and the construction, 17%. 72% Of those affected by this type of claims. The Xunta de Galicia last making a map of chemical risk, which will be ready by the end of this year, designed to detect the chemicals most commonly used and the sectors involved, in order to detect and prevent occupational risks. The Minister Beatriz Mato, announced during the closing ceremony of a conference organised by the Association of industrial metallurgical Galicia (Asime) in Vigo, in which explained that the risk map will allow to define in a way precise products and sectors, and help to properly orient the policies of training, information and control. In the document, which is being prepared by the Instituto Galego de Seguridad Saude labor, collaborate more than 180 companies in Galicia, as well as the joint deprevencion of Asime service, and it has been agreed within the framework of the Strategic Plan on prevention of labour risks 2011-2014. Aspects that will pick up the map include new methods of assessment, or the new regulations for the labelling of products, so it will serve as a guide fully updated for businesses and workers. According to Beatriz Mato, this document will serve to correct assessment of risks rigged to the presence of chemical agents, and for the design of preventive measures.

Inspection on the day of Asime participated the head of the Provincial inspection of labour and Social security of Pontevedra, Jose Maria Casas de Ron, who explained in detail the protocols of action that employs in order to control accidents and occupational diseases arising from exposure to such agents. Asime, through its joint prevention service, has been involved in raising awareness and study of this problem. In 2010, this Department undertook, with the support of the Ministry of labour the Estudo two chemical contaminants fisicospresentes no sector metalurxico of Galicia. The Department of RINBER lawyers, lawyers specialized in compensation for accident at work claim, suggest that always has been with the advice of a lawyer specialized in occupational accidents.


Pedagogical formation III. Playful formation the decision of if allowing to involve in the infantile magical world would be the first step that the professor would have to give. To explore the universe infantile demands of educator theoretical, practical knowledge, capacity of comment, love and will of being partner of the child in this process. We professors can through the infantile playful experiences get important information in spontaneous playing or guided playing. These discoveries can define criteria such as: The duration of the envolvement in one determined game; The abilities of the involved players; The degree of initiative, creativity, autonomy and criticidade that the game provides to the participant; The verbalizao and language that follow the game; The degree of interest, motivation, satisfaction, apparent tension during the game (emotions, affectivity etc.); Construction of the knowledge (reasoning, argument etc.); Evidences of social behavior (cooperation, contribution, conflict, competition, integration etc.). The application of games, tricks and toys in different situations educational they can be a way to stimulate, to analyze and to evaluate specific learnings, abilities and potentialities of the involved children.

In spontaneous playing we can register the playful actions from: comment, register, analysis and treatment. With this, we can create for each playful action a data base on the same, subsidizing of more efficient and scientific form the results of the actions. It is possible also to make the mapping of the child in its playful trajectory during its experience inside of a game or a trick, searching of this form to understand and to understand its action better and to make safer interventions and disgnostic helping to the individual or the collective one. The information gotten for spontaneous playing allow to diagnosis: Interesting ideas, values and necessities of the collective one or the individual; Period of training of development of the child; Behavior of the involved ones in different playful environments; Conflicts, problems, values etc. With this we can define, from a multicriteria choice, the adjusted playful actions more for each involved child, thus respecting the basic principle of individuality of each human being. No longer to play directed can be considered challenges from the choice of games, toys or tricks determined for a responsible adult or. These guided games can be made with clear intentions to promote the access the learnings of specific knowledge as: scientific, historical, physical, aesthetic, cultural, natural, moral mathematicians, linguistic, etc. and one another intention is to help in cognitivo, affective, social, motor, linguistic the development and in the construction of the morality (in the values). According to professor ALMEIDA (1987) the playful education can have two consequences, depending of or being badly used well: I. the playful education can be a weapon in the hand of the unprepared professor, weapon capable to mutilate, not only the true one.

Commission Genius

Genius inside listed new customer momentum and presents its product range on the PM solution, the most important European project management events, Forum and Les salons. Genius is inside its three configurations genius project on demand, genius for enterprise and genius for Domino from October 5-7 in Paris on the exhibition Les salons solutions and on 26-27 October in Berlin at the fair PM Forum present. Two events inside of his genius is genius inside project management software in the Center. “The event of Les salons solutions” inside will present Genius solutions to potential clients in the enterprise software market. The event of PM Forum focuses on the advantages and exhibition project management products and service providers. Genius inside could determine a steadily increasing demand of project management solutions for the European market this year and gaining new customers a variety: Boral industries; FCA LLC; Commission scolaire of the affluents, Sandvik, Edieyes, PlanIt, Sparkasse Gummersbach Bergneustadt, Pouey International and partners group. By the same author: Mark Stevens.

“Last year, we have a growing interest worldwide at genius inside products to determine”, as Christophe Borlat, CEO genius inside. “The European market for us strong, but this year is traditionally we could feel Europe significantly more demand and new growth in the North American market. The increase in value, which held inside in the area of project management by genius has awakened many companies flexible and powerful solutions that can be delivered in different versions. Our newfound customers help us, the visitors of the “Les salons solutions” and PM Forum to demonstrate the efficiency of our solutions and to show what savings can be made,”continue as Vivek. Genius project software helps project managers gain overview and control over projects that are distributed across different work groups, departments, and time zones. Genius project includes strategic and tactical Project management functions, progress tracking, email notifications, “what if” analyses, risk and resource management, time observations, expense sheets, portfolio management to teamwork and collaboration. The software is available in three configurations: genius project-on-demand, a Web-based (SaS) solution. Genius project Enterprise Edition, a hosted, on-premise solution; and as a genius project for Domino for Lotus Notes users. About genius inside developed since the founding in 1997 to optimize genius inside project management software to the planning, selection, staffing, execution, and tracking of projects. Supported by service offices in Europe and North America and a global network of sales partners worldwide more than 55,000 users and 500 customers take advantage of the Lotus Notes, and web-based solutions.