International Conference

To reach success in the fight against the breast cancer, the construction of a preventive, efficient and including program is necessary. This goal already was defined more than has 25 years in the World-wide Assembly of Health and the International Conference on Primary Attention, the Soul-Act Conference, under heading of ' ' Health for all in the year 2000' '. In the practical one, exactly having been one of the signatories of the Soul-Act Conference, Brazil has presented growth in the indices of some types of cancer and, to the similarity of other countries, the breast cancer occupies the first place enters some types of neoplasia that acometem mulheres.9 In Campinas, the breast cancer was main the responsible one for the deaths for different neoplasias that the women in the first semester of 1998 acometeram, reaching the 17% cipher. (MARINE et al., p 579, 2003). In accordance with Amorim et al. (2006), another neoplasia that presents auto index between the women is the cancer of uterine col, general form, the uterus cancer corresponds it about 15% of all the types of feminine cancers, being as the type of more common cancer. As this author, this pathology is fourth cause of death and its incidence varies per year of 5 the 42 for each 100,000 women, occupying an important position as mortality cause, especially in underdeveloped countries. For the statistics analyzed for the INCA, this pathology presents greater incidence, exceeding to the breast and skin cases. Described for Rezende (1987), the uterus is an agency of the feminine reproductive device that is situated in abdome inferior, for backwards of the bladder and in the front of the rectum, being divided in: body, isthmus and col, this finish part are the inferior portion of the uterus, and if it locates inside of the vaginal canal. The col of the uterus presents an internal part that constitutes the call cervical canal or endocrvice, that is coated by an only layer of cylindrical cells, producing of muco epitlio to colunar simple.