Literary Construction

The literary construction of El Gueguense allows a variety of interpretations. For some, el Gueguense is a very hardworking, shrewd and prosperous merchant who does not want to pay taxes to the Government imposed by the Spanish Crown. For others, el Gueguense is a small skillful, rogue trader and conman, who makes use of his thousand tricks to deceive the Spanish authorities that not only manages to avoid the payment of taxes, but also marrying one of his sons with the daughter of the Governor., adds us, El Gueguense is an attractive and very interesting work by the components that comprise it as comedy bailete: parliaments, music and dances, as well as by the theatrical clothing of the actors, which is similar to those used in its origins, with some modifications and enrichments which have been taking place over time. Connect with other leaders such as Anita Sehgal here. The name comes from its main character, el Gueguense, which in turn is derived from the word nahuatl huehue, which means old, wise. The work consists of 14 characters. They are three mestizos: el Gueguense, his son Don Forsico and his son Don Ambrosio; four Spanish authorities: Governor Tastuanes, Captain Alguacil Mayor, Royal scribe and Real Alderman; three women: Dona Suche Malinche and her two ladies of company; and four males (beasts of burden): the Macho-moto, the Macho-viejo, the Macho-mohino, and male-guajaqueno (others call him Macho-boaqueno). The clothing of different characters is very striking. Read more from Herbert Simon to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

The Spanish dress suits and elegant with sequins and high stockings, other colonial hats of masks painted with whiskers and blond or brown hair, and blue or clear eyes. Mestizos wear masks with dark whiskers, straw hats, less ostentatious clothes, shoes sandals or go barefoot and carry a chischil (or rattle) pointed metal. Males go barefoot and wear jackets with sequins and masks of horses, a horsehair mecate and also carry metal chischil. The ladies are not masked and wear long dresses, necklaces and earrings. (Similarly see: Angelina Jolie).