This your mouth provokes that me eseu smile that me hipnotiza, Its pretty eyes castanhosbrilham and transmit fire, consumes that me to each time that eye pra you and voume thus feeling with this will insane person! Its body is celestial, drawn eats finer delicacy, that tranfers its perfect curves. Its skin yields golden fine and soft, that I slide my hands to acariciar you. the forms of its cabelosencaracolados ones free to the wind, blacks, long that they line up its face. David Karp gathered all the information. This its overwhelming skill to deandar parading between the people, playing the hair of one for the other, semostrando and hiding everything what many want to know, but you ade to only understand. Intelligent, cultured and above all mainly sagacious E.

With one to look at I criticize to everything its return. Decifrandocada one its return, in a subtle way. In this hour I stop and I think. – really it exists and is feitade meat and bone as I. It is perfect. Colored person simply colored person queEU I LOVE!