Mr Juan Esteban Sampedro

The contingency plan which Canal Caracol sought to contain the strong onslaught of his Canal RCN contender was a failure overall, what they called a spectacular may stayed only in name and desperate intended to regain the leadership of the coveted triple a. Strip, because this strategy even made him distinctive productions of RCN ribs, as shown by the markings, after much of the month of June, all still very plump and entrenched in the taste of the unpredictable Colombian viewers. What strange greatly is that at these heights, and as a result of this new way of the cross by which it crosses Canal Caracol, not yet responsible heads from rolling away, but what most worries even, is intending to implement last-minute improvised solutions and as always happens, dirty water soak who at last, they have no candles at that funeral. The Lord Dago Garcia, Mr Juan Esteban Sampedro and the large white feather Chief Don Paulo Laserna are the major chieftains of the tribe and the direct responsible for the dismal results. Any understood subject matter knows that with warm water wipes does not cure rheumatism, which science has advanced and anachronistic and hackneyed schemas are devalued, this height problem you must apply a drastic solution. Who does not give results, does not work, simply becomes incompetent and should leave the field free to re-think the schema and make a reengineering of consistent and effective emergency, before it reaches the total debacle. A few weeks of its vaunted El Cartel II premiere is burned and passes to swell the listing of the busts of the snail House, which recently entered the telenovela I do not ask the Moon, another great idea from Don Dago. The challenge of the regions, the Golden bracelet has not generated greater expectation, the beautiful Ceci and the reckless dying in the boundaries of the middle of the night, perhaps the only one medium saca face in terms of audience is the production of Telemundo Bella calamities and that We are most concerned.