Original Luis Folgado

There are occasions in life in which we can get to feel lost. Educate yourself with thoughts from Kaihan Krippendorff . It is an unpleasant sensation that others do not understand (if is that we dare to talk about it), and is a hard, difficult moment where keeping the serenity is a feat. Question patients carried out in consultation is a direct derivative of this appalling situation does that mean that I am depressed / to?… We can feel lost when we lose someone. Perhaps try to return to the starting point, but the atrocious feeling is the feel nowhere lose North and South, first ask us why? And then for what? It can be the beginning of a very long road towards do not know where.

We discovered with hardness that there are no rules, that signals that we had believed certain are mirages, that councils serve others but we do not. Nothing tells us the path, nor the gait speed, now that fog hangs over us with his disorienting mantle. The vital formulas that others seem to work them beautifully come to seem absurd, useless, stupid or inconsequential; We do not serve. We can be lost to reach crucial ages (1940s, half life, pongo per case)) and ask ourselves how should follow the game and how much we should bet. The death of a loved one, loss of status, the heartbreak, an accident with major injuries, a depauperante separation, the progress of the children, an illness any thing can misplaced us, barely allowing us to balance unstable do not know where to throw. Many solve it by pulling to tables, such as the cowardly bulls, and others go direct to the hydrant from the square, at the center of the tragedy, to die as a brave bulls and I? When we get lost during a journey we often ask for help. We asked some and others, and on many occasions just by bundling us more than what we already are, delaying our arrival and making us spend fuel and bad mood needlessly.

Fed up, we get closer until a taxi driver or a local police that indicate the right path in shortly, we explain well the intricacies of the path and let us leave. Neither the driver nor the police will try to convince us to go elsewhere, just indicate us the way that we want to follow, with their difficulties, their shortcuts and their places of refuel. The path that we have chosen. Seek technical, professional help is an act of intelligence against those who choose to exit forward through uncertain shortcuts of alcohol, drugs and other perversions, or those who prefer to test its capacity for suffering. Therefore, when you feel that you feel lost not wear looking for and contact a professional psychology; You will only find the path, a path better.