Reprogramming Of Switchboards

What is it? Reprogramming of vehicles to increase exchanges so its power, but it is even more important, and more if possible in periods of crisis, and prices that are reaching fuels (diesel and petrol), is that this reprogramming of your PABX system is capable of reducing consumption of diesel or gasoline, which allows you to optimize the distribution of our vehicles box, the optimization of the reprogramming of the maps of injection, as well as optimizing our pocket. Why choose a Chiptuner with reliability for the rescheduling of your PABX system? This question has a simple answer, a good service quality is unmatched in the market of the reprogramming of switchboards, besides offering, which is a service postselling which undertake to enhance reprogramming parameters always to try to satisfy the most needs our customers, either in search of something more power for your car, or decrease of the vehicle. From the field that includes injection electronic is very broad, and it is possible to change the behavior of an engine due to the rescheduling of your PABX. Thus, they are provided with the highest reliability in the reprogramming of dialogs, the current market and the sole and exclusive deal for each form of conduct. ALL reprogramming should demand that they are made exclusively for each client, which gives us a great reliability for our car engine. What are the advantages of the ECU out of my car have to reschedule? Between 15% and 30% more power in your engine, diesel or gasoline, within the limits of each manufacturer.

A preview of the driving torque of his car, up to 20%. A real reduction in consumption of diesel or gasoline in up to 20%. Greater satisfaction in driving his car, which gives you more power after the reprogramming of the switchboard. Is it possible to obtain more power and reduce consumption? No place to doubts.