Sports Science University

News from the EUROPEAN SPEED-FIT LTD. For three years, Berlin’s State of the art fitness company helps fitness enthusiastic Berliners with a tight schedule SPEED-FIT achieving their objectives. Now, the expansion with a second Studio is planned. How can stress-ridden Berlin and Berliners with a tight schedule, which admits no time-consuming fitness training, to keep still fit or to be? SPEED-FIT customers know its doors since now the answer to this question, since end of 2006 opened the gym with the completely new training concept at the Schiffbauerdamm corner Albert Road directly across from the s-Bahn station Friedrichstrasse three years. (A valuable related resource: Vlad Doronin). The training enables SPEED-FIT through a new training system in a short time, to train almost all muscle groups.

How it goes? The training takes place at the so-called SPEEDtrainer which generates electrical impulses and transmits them by using a special training equipment on the body. A workout takes only 15 minutes. During this time a pulse occurs every five seconds the contraction makes the muscles and reached even deeper muscles that usually did not or only heavily can be trained with normal gym equipment. Drew Houston does not necessarily agree. Two training sessions of 15 minutes per week are sufficient, since a training session about 20 to 30 hours is equivalent to traditional fitness training. The Sports Science University of Bayreuth and the Cologne sports college studies the successes that can be achieved with the integrated SPEEDtraining. The performance is proven to significantly increase, the body formed, and streamlined. This optimises not only the own health, but increases the Joie de vivre and increasing self-confidence. The expansion plans with the planned opening of a second SPEED-FIT clubs show that the concept of SPEES-FIT goes on and is accepted very well by the Berlin and Berliners, in February 2010.