Although they are called enterotoxinas, the mechanism of action of these substances is not known. Termoestveis the estafiloccicas enterotoxinas are e, thus, the alimentary poisoning can be propagated same by cooked foods (TRABULSI, 2002). If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Mark Stevens. To prevent the estafiloccica poisoning, it is important to keep susceptible foods under refrigeration. The fast cooling of all the nourishing mass is one of the measures for prevention and control of this poisoning. When of the impossibility of these measures, it must be taken cares special to prevent the contamination in the preparation of this food (FRANK, 2003).

The Salmonella sort belongs to the Enterobacteriacea family and it understands not producing Gram-negative bacilli of esporos. They are anaerobic physicians, they produce gas from glucose and they are capable to use the citrate as only carbon source (FRANK, 2003). It enters the toxinfeces that the man can acquire through foods is distinguished salmoneloses caused by one of the 600 known species (RIEDEL, 2005). In accordance with TRABULSI (2002), the diagnosis of the infections for Salmonella is carried through by the isolation and identification of the bacterium. In the diagnosis of the intestinais infections, it is important to carry through the enrichment of excrements and to use, for the culture, the shining green agar, beyond the SS and McConkey. Other selective ways, as agar XLD? colato and Hektoen can be used in the routine.

The prevention of the gastroenterites for Salmonella has for base the manipulation and adequate preparation of foods, mainly eggs and meats of birds (TRABULSI, 2002). Serafin et. al. (2007), the same ones had suggested that the probable one source of contamination of the frescal cheese mines was milk in natura, therefore it was the same not submitted to the thermal treatment. Being thus the importance of using pasteurizado milk as the substance cousin for the elaboration of the cheese caretaker.