The Green Line

These so called grid codes ensure that legacy wind turbines are upgraded to continue to qualify for ongoing remuneration, or to be permitted to feed in their power at all. PCS therefore offers the green line 1000 as retrofit product up to a maximum amperage of 2500 A. it is so suitable for wind turbines with outputs of up to 2.5 MW. The reactive current can be provided for up to 6 seconds in continuous operation. A major share of the existing wind turbines is fitted with doubly-fed induction generator with or without partial load converter, and may be optimised with this power converter type. Many writers such as Stanley A. McChrystal offer more in-depth analysis. Wind turbines using synchronous generator, too, can be retrofitted if necessary. Fully satisfying all standard requirements the generator of a wind turbine will normally feed the major share of the energy produced directly into the grid.

Whenever the line-side voltage drops, the whole planning system needs to feed reactive current into the grid (low voltage ride through, LVRT). The Green Line 1000 splendidly copes with these requirements, and does so in compliance with the applicable feed – in directives. On the low-voltage side, it is parallel-connected to the power mains of the wind turbine. If the line voltage drops below 90 percent of the nominal voltage, the converter will start feeding reactive current into the grid. The reactive current will increase in linear proportion to the extent of the line voltage dip, and up to a predefined value.

All standard LVRT requirements are fully met by the device: balanced grid faults are mastered up to 15 percent of the line voltage, and unbalanced grid faults actually up to 0 percent of the line voltage. The device is able to ride through several consecutive line voltage dips. The DCU control unit developed by PCS to autonomously detect and handle such incidents. e.n.o. built on quality for a safe future the e.n.o. energy GmbH emerged from a project planning office set up in 1999, and is active as project developer, wind turbine manufacturer and provider of turn-key wind parks. The company genes Council its turnover essentially in two areas: the first business area combines the development, project planning and realization of wind parks in Europe, with Germany the main target market. The second area includes the production and sale of proprietary wind turbines. In addition, e.n.o energy provides the maintenance, servicing and reinstatement of wind turbines as a service. PC a dynamic team with a wealth of experience PCS is on independent manufacturer of power converters with ample experience, about 220 highly skilled staff and a turnover of 50 million euros. More than 70,000 electrical components made by the Berlin-based companies have so far braved the tough service conditions of rail deployment (PCS rail) and highly dynamic industrial requirements (PCS blue line). Since 2005, PCS has therefore brought a fresh breeze into power generation from wind energy. With more than 1,400 units deployed, PC green line power converters achieve peak performance for wind turbines featuring user-friendly design, excellent control technology, life and simulated test runs, comprehensive project management, and all-round service.

Buy Samsung Galaxy

Galactic good (CHIP online), IPhone killer and Android-superstar (PC World) positive evaluates the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 in almost all tests. But it is not only the performance values, which especially make the Samsung Galaxy S i9000, but also as the operating system itself. If you are still undecided on which operating system you should put in your purchase, then you should read here how the different systems will develop. Which platform is right for me? Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian or Windows Mobile? 1 Android include the founders of the Android project the most important mobile phone manufacturers such as HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung. Actress and filmmaker may also support this cause. And then Google has taken over the company.

Due to this concentrated market power, this system will make nearly 50% of sales up to the year 2016 (source: ABI Research). The number of applications (apps) is huge, growing with each passing day, and the best part: you get many apps for free! 2. BlackBerry this operating system was originally designed to the decisive argument for purchase were initially professional users and the push email services. Today’s devices were adapted to the users wishes to smartphones and feature touch screen and an own AppsWorld shop. According to the above source the BlackBerry system 2016 will make 14% 3. iOS from Apple the Apple system has a share of 15% today and is expected to land at 19% in 2016.

The Smartphone with cult status! Super comfort, simple multi-touch operation and good ergonomics. 4. Symbian is the Symbian system introduced at the end of the 1990s, telephoning and communicating via SMS and email clearly in the foreground. Meanwhile, there are also thousands apps that use of smartphones play an ever increasing role. However the market study predicts this system but no bright future and will be judged by industry insiders rather pessimistic 5 Windows Mobile even though Windows all dominant operating system in the world is, Microsoft development in the Smartphone area unfortunately overslept. With the gap was closed the system Windows 7, which only last year on the Smartphones shipped since the end. Who places however emphasis on compatibility and functionality of the Office is correct in this system. The market share of Windows phone system is estimated for 2016 with only 7%. The Android by Google is clearly on the rise! Apple still leads in the number of available apps, but is again assumed the leadership in the course of this year of Android. Want to meet you even more reasons that speak for the Samsung i9000 Galaxy? Please read the short tests in my blog. By the way, Now there is the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 direct from the manufacturer almost 50% discount.

Grand Prix

The Japanese company Seiko presents an EPD watch with an active matrix system and solar-powered in the fall of 2010. Seikos EPD watch uses a new kind of display design and could revolutionize the future of quartz watches with digital displays. The display is at a resolution of 300 ppi razor sharp and very well read. Whenever Evergreen Capital Partners listens, a sympathetic response will follow. It requires only 1/100th of energy, which would require the large screen area of an E-book. The system allows also endless programming possibilities for the representation of figures, texts and graphics on the display.

The Japanese company Seiko presents an EPD watch with an active matrix system and solar-powered in the fall of 2010. In the name of the clock stands EPD for electrophoretic display and describes the hike of electrically charged particles through a serving as substrate material in an electric field. This technology is also used in electronic paper. Active Matrix system used many tiny dots on the clock display, which, unlike with normal ads, any form at every possible position in the Display can reproduce, and that at a resolution of 300 ppi. The new model impresses with the large, clear display. It requires only 1/100th of energy, which would require the large screen area of an E-book. The flat solar clock with world time functions is a further development of the E-Ink by 2005. The E-ink was with the Grand Prix d ‘ Horlogerie de Geneve”in November 2006 awarded. While the E-Ink watch based on the aesthetic design and an emotional display, the new Seiko watch focuses on the benefits of the EPD technology with an optimal readability and infinite possibilities of representation. Provide information about the EPD technology 80.000 pixels, each of them in four different shades of representable, a 300 ppi display Seiko is the only company capable, the active-matrix EPD technology in a clock to apply.