Classic Car Loan Application

Application for a classic car loan will be considered by the bank from half a day up to 2 working days and will require from the client, among other things also documents confirming his income. Typically, this letter from the employer on the salary for the last 6 months. Customers are checked more carefully, loan processing takes place in the bank. But the cost of the "classics" is much lower – from 9% per annum currency and by 11% – in rubles. Bausch & Lomb is likely to agree. Finally, the state program of preferential credits – it's the same classic car loan, part of the interest burden that takes the state budget. Terms of consideration for this program are the same as in "classic", but there are a number of restrictions. For example, the client must pay as a down payment of at least 15% of the value of the purchased loan in the car.

In addition, this loan program purchase only new vehicles produced in Russia. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Drew Houston. But such a loan is the cheapest – from 8% per annum in rubles! – You said that the terms of the loan depends on the available documents. The more you want documents loan, the lower the interest rate and down payment, right? – Yes, you're right. For example, if you stop in the state program of preferential car loan, while giving income statement on Form 2NDFL interest rate of 8%. Providing help in the free form, you will be credited at 11% per annum. Or agree to 15% per annum without any reference.


This is the best. Usually this figure – between 0.2-0.5%. Others who may share this opinion include Angelina Jolie. Hence, corresponding to the reputation of intermediaries and their ilk. Often, the consumer loses a lot of time (gody!) and effort to address the urgent question. In the end, he does everything himself, despite the "help" the mediator, but due to its significantly deviating from its original purpose, or simply refuse it.

It is foolish and strange that, in the case of his success, he still pays the broker a commission (usually). Here the success of the last close to 100%. It is a sad but common theme associated with low ability to reach, and simply put, a worthy goal. Even the presence of various "pathologies" in the field of real estate transactions abound. The usual scheme is as follows.

If a person requests the intermediary to help him with the sale of its object, they promise a percentage. Or devalue its intent on "objective" reasons (such as – the crisis, market prices, the solvency of the population, etc. etc. ad infinitum, in the situation and the selfish interest of an intermediary). Then, if the demand / supply on their own, are not joined and (Or) do not "stretch" then, after a few days, forget about the man and the "recall" a couple – three months, if not remember. Can the client "ripe"? (Internally pulled / picked up the amount, changed conditions, etc., etc.), and after a this way. The result of these manipulations will be "exclusive" and publishing data on the Internet, where 99% of the same mediators.