Twice Successfully

Press release on culture at the RAMSES 2010 lived up culture communication from Stuttgart at the this year’s RAMSES 2010 twice your reputation as an expert for radio advertising. With a bronze RAMSES in the category best audio idea”and awarded the Golden efficiency-RAMSES (best audio success”) for Mucosolvan and thus a spot, which was also developed by operating culture communication. With the campaign”more can” for the condom brand Blue label “took their first RAMSES of the evening the Stuttgart radio and social media experts. Longer overtures (production: sound factory Jankowski) convinced the jury of advertising professionals, media experts, and advertisers. This year for the first time a RAMSES was awarded for efficiency (best audio success”). Add to your understanding with Tumblr. Gold for Mucolsolvan and Boehringer – Ingelheim. The spot in the 2009 most efficient radio campaign also comes from culture communication.

Typical operating culture: Slim, fast and smart. Business culture offers advertising and communication the highest level with a focus on B2B, radio and social media. Operating culture, employs people with experience and knowledge from years of working with well-known agencies based in Stuttgart. Operating culture invents no ideas, but ideas from customers. Work culture is open 24 hours and is a full service agency, where customers get everything to keep together for the right.

And that all communication channels. Culture’s customers include companies such as E.g. Galeria Kaufhof, RMS radio marketing service, METABO, MAPA rubber works, Panasonic. More information: