Environment Health

The only way to lay the a good foundation and ensure your child's health for a lifetime. Only a child, food satisfies all the requirements for vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, can develop properly and in full As use of genetically its potential. An integral part of good nutrition and healthy lifestyle is to limit the consumption of various substances that are harmful to health. There are two main source from which we get these substances – from the environment (air pollution, smoking, etc.) and from food (in the form of artificial additives that are used in industrial food processing). Environmental contamination is not always amenable to our influence, but those things are in our power – that is what our kids (and ourselves) put in his mouth! And among them – the colors, preservatives, flavoring agents, fixers and more. Learn more at this site: Delta Galil. All these substances will definitely improve the taste and appearance of products, extend their shelf life, but as a whole – it has a price! And the price is very high! We are paying with their health and the health of their children! I want more focus on food coloring, although it is said below is true, in part or in full, with respect to all substances that are added during industrial food processing. Children are the greatest users of these substances because they eat large amounts of sweets to their relatively small size. Food colors are added to almost all sweetness on the market. Remember – the product of more beautiful and more colorful, the more it dyes, and so they are stronger and more dangerous to health.

The Environment

But each of us – the crown of creation! What prevents us from living happily ever after? Over the past several hundred years technological progress achieved considerable heights and safely, as we are assured the producers? Unfortunately, all that is created by mankind efficiency has a downside, so to say “side effects”. Some of them appear at once (example: nuclear energy and radiation electromagnetic fields. Studies of the effect of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on living organisms has been going on for decades. Over the past thirty years, three-quarters of the world’s population lives in cities, and now there is no family attention worldwide.

Consider that the current level of the electromagnetic background of the Earth exceeds the natural level of 200 000 times. The human body is not in the best environmental conditions to which it adapted over many millennia, and in new, more stringent conditions. Previously it was thought that the greatest danger to mankind represent radioactive radiation, but research recent decades have shown that electromagnetic radiation (emitted electromagnetic fields) was as dangerous as nuclear power. Electromagnetic Smog interacts with the electromagnetic field of the human body and diseases, including cancer. American and Swedish researchers independently found safe for human health limit the intensity of electromagnetic fields – 0.2 mT (microtesla). And what we have in administration of the train) – 50 – 100 mT.

Hoover – 100 mT. In the subway – 150 – 200 mT. Electric – a few hundred mT (the touch). Particular attention is paid to the vulnerability to electromagnetic radiation of a child’s body. EMF irradiation children under 16 years had a more negative effect on their health than to adults. Due to the smaller size of the baby’s head and specific power absorption of more light and penetrate deeper into those areas of the brain that have adult, as a rule, not irradiated.