They are convinced, that if they remain faithful inside the perimeter of the henhouse, and do not commit the audacity to think about flying higher, everything will be solved for good, especially if they have existing a good recommendation. The whispers of Mandinga: many of them were saying: demon has, and is beside himself; Why would you hear? They said others: these words are not possessed by demons. Do you perhaps the demon open the eyes of the blind? John 10: 20 21 one of These possessed has been saying things very inconvenient and subversive, the authorities, much to his regret, because they worry much the salvation of their souls, they are considering, after deep meditation and horizontal consultation, namely between them and the complainants of these deviations from behaviour – subject it to a loving disciplinary board to suspend its rights and powers, and in this way, try to correct it, meanwhile, spends the time and can continue to report that all is well in Zion. Others he pacificara them and numbs with carnal security, that they will say: all is well in Zion; Yes, Zion prospers, all goes well. And so the devil deceives their souls, and cleverly leads them to hell. 2 Nephi 28: 21 charges against the brother Ezekiel, is has been defaming to the shepherds of Israel, with expressions such as: Word came unto me of the Lord, saying: son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel; prophesy, and di pastors: thus saith the Lord: woe to the shepherds of Israel, who feed themselves! Not the shepherds feed the flocks? The fat you eat, and dress of wool; the fat degollais, mas no You apacentais the sheep. You fortalecisteis not the weak, nor curasteis the sick; You vendasteis not the perniquebrada, or volvisteis to the fold the misguided buscasteis loss, but that ye have engulfed them harshly and with violence. .