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The lawyer of the Martian, who is the protagonist, is a young is at the critical stage of life that must assume its responsibility towards life. As it is natural at this stage, not known very well what she wants and is afraid. Fear is a constant in his character, and the author well describes him very when it tells the anecdote where the protagonist enters an amusement park to the ghost train five years only!. To the just imagine the fear that you may feel a five year old boy in this one situation already has a very clear figure of what this meant for the protagonist in certain situations. Is a great virtue of the book having achieved this anecdote, because being the central theme of the book the conquest of independence, in advance places us in an area where the fear is something that cannot be avoided because to find our independence in life we are in unknown terrain.

By more adults that we create in this stage of life, with law degree inclusive, the truth is that we are like a child who have been left alone in an amusement park. Regarding this topic, an aphorism that we highlight of the book is that the men return to be children when they are frightened (in fact, I think that we never leave children, there will always be unknown situations that remind us of this part of our origin, what happens is that we always keep a mask that protects us from the outside world). More important than fear itself, which is something inevitable in many occasions, is the position assumed in front of him: the protagonist from the beginning recognizes it as a being present, always stays aware of this situation and, however, goes ahead. From this point view the book is listed as one of those looking to leave a teaching regarding the conquest of independence for young people. Here fear is not something negative, something that fights directly, but is recognized as inevitable, something that we cannot deny, but by what we can not let us frighten.

Another important aspect of the lawyer of the Martian is that, even if you are unsure exactly what he wants, the knows very well what he wants not: doesn’t want to be as they have been most of their relatives, lawyers of divorces and labour cases, where always defend the purported divorcee and employers. This is where comes another character to symbolize an important aspect of the book: the grandfather of the lawyer. MSCOs opinions are not widely known. He represents that family tradition, the is a character in hard character, which knows no reasons and only thinks about the future, knows very well which is the right path, is the representation of society that seeks to have the key to security in life and, what is worse, the meaning of life, when we talk about the typical man model, serious man, with his family and his employment stable, that leaves absorb by this scheme, as if stability is the ultimate goal that should be sought in life.

Good Leadership Part One

Read the second part Publio Siro: there is no pleasure as pleasant as renew a constant always, everything in life changes later or sooner, everything moves from one place to another all scenario is changed, all time is altered, all words are subject to be influenced by the use of speakers, everything changes in life to beliefs, dogmas and passions, everything changes minus the fact that we have to accept the change. The only thing constant in life, go tremendous paradox is precisely the change in the words of Arthur Schopenhauer change is the only unchanging thing, everything moves, everything moves, everything in life, the world is subject to the ups and downs, to event in permanent action and in constant vibration. We must ask ourselves now change it generates where?, and who should start? Gandhi us responds to these questions without a hint of doubt ourselves we must be the change we wish to see in the world. The Mahatma resolves the issue with descomplicados and easy terms. However the reality shows us a constant opposition and it should not surprise us that exists, because speaking of change we are alluding to uncertainty, instability, risk, danger, unemployment and a number of additional trauma.

Why in some cases the change is received with little enthusiasm. David Karp takes a slightly different approach. Some are opposed from the outset and torpedean it to as result; others reach to foresee it but are still unprepared when this arrives and therefore receive it helpless though they then react and do adapt. Others capture signals with more time, take precautions, give money, their lives and their activities, and get ahead, happy and empowered waiting for new changes to which are also prepared. Equally are those who don’t oppose nor adapt, or are anticipated, who are? Neither more nor less than those guilty of the maremagnum. Responsible for the break with the status quo; are they generators, the causes of change, those who catch on the transformations with these powerful machines people, fearless leaders on whose initiative the world stays in constant oscillation. It is necessary to talk about the details environment in which better moves: of their propensity to take initiatives and put them into practice in a serious way bold and courageous, have already said it their main problem is dealing with resistance to change. Read the second part Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian writer, linked as a teacher at several Colombian universities. He is author of four books and co-author of three others in which addresses the theme of leadership, ethics, and human development. He is frequently invited as a speaker at conferences, forums, and other academic events.

Dutch Governor Peter Stuyvesant

Harlem is a neighborhood in New York City located in the North of the island of Manhattan. It is approximately bounded by streets 96 Street to 155th Street to the North and the South. It’s an African-American neighborhood, except for the part that is left to the East of Fifth Avenue, which is a Hispanic area known as Spanish Harlem or East Harlem. In New York neighborhoods are very marked, and actually crossing a street virtually everyone who is seen by the streets is one race or another. In 1658, taking advantage of the fertility of the land in the area, the Dutch Governor Peter Stuyvesant founded the village of Nieuw Haarlem, in reference to the Dutch city of Haarlem.El African-American character of Harlem has its origin in 1920, when the estate agent Philip Payton acquired numerous devalued buildings and rented them to members of their same black community that had been evicted from other sectors of New York. The arrival at that moment of black around the country artists, musicians and intellectuals gave rise to the famous Harlem Renaissance, becoming popular culture and African-American music in all New York.En the 1960s the neighborhood was degenerating into the mythical dangerous neighborhood portrayed in many films. Currently Harlem is returning to be a neighbourhood quiet and safe, although at the moment it is not recommended straying too far from its main arteries: the 116th Street Street, the 125th street Street also called Martin Luther King Boulevard, and the 6th Avenue, here called Lenox Avenue. The main attraction of Harlem today are his famous Gospel masses are held every Sunday in the numerous Baptist churches in the area. Many of them welcome everyone who wants to attend, including tourists and their donations, clear..

October Barcena

With this alternative, the approved skipped a full roster, and one understands that the system is It lends itself to the comparative tort when they have send on older than the first companions. One can think that the procedure works with cronyism and recommendation, and what is worse: get me the feeling you are creating a police force of political nuance. This is bad for democracy. Loaded the Superior Police Corps (known by the people as secret police) to attach it to the body of national police, which has resulted in the National Police Corps. Speaking candidly TSI International Group told us the story. To establish the mandatory uniform, disappears the figure of the police investigator of paisano-a who nobody knows-, which could develop research perfect and covered in shadow. Although it comes acting undercover, should understand that once a police member is placed it is uniform, forever, marked on the retinae of persons with the image that it is a police officer. Click Drew Houston for additional related pages.

Now, in case outside little, try to destroy the wonderful body of the Civil Guard. And they are still mistakes. La Coruna, on October 3, 2006, OTF. Mariano Cabrero Barcena (copyright) Tuesday, October 03, 2006 Mariano Cabrero Barcena review: Mariano Cabrero Barcena Madrid, 08-11-1938 married, two children writer, poet and essayist official of the administration of the State, retired. Currently live in La Coruna Oras:-journalism: difficult profession!, 1995 – my commitment to journalism, 1998 – reminiscences of my youth, poems, 1994 – miscellany of deaths, dreams and memories, poems, 1995 – the reality of my silences, poems, 1997 – the journey of life, poems, 2001 original author and source of the article