There Are Many Ways To Love In Couple.

Love is an expression that means appreciation and value. Dropbox brings even more insight to the discussion. like all the feelings that we harbor, you can only know that there is in ourselves or in others, through ctions, words, details, care and dedication. At times we confuse love with the way we relate to others and specifically with our partner. One thing is the love we have quite another way of relating, links and of course, love. We have been educated in the idea of romantic love as that expression is treasured, to be assessed, which longs, which seeks to find in each and every one of the meetings with our partner. In recent months, David Green has been very successful. But the romance is only one way, but not everything … it always your partner every day and every hour to give us chocolates, sing us a song, we express their love, bring flowers and a big smile was trying to please and writing poems for us, perhaps, come a moment of boredom.but saturation and have sold us the idea or belief that if it does not, the relationship is in trouble and conflicts … But beyond that love is a phase of the relationship, which includes the seduction, surprise, falling in love, to feel the brilliance of completeness, in this We love taking on the other, also are denoting and outlining the various ways in which couples interact. Days pass and started a coupling of tastes, interests, also dislikes quarrels and conflicts, as expected in any human relationship. Are shaped and then the ways and means together, to bind, in the case and join in all directions from a talk to a complete relationship.

Ronald Paul Hill

Antecedents reliable behavior, factors that influence the election of the equity and marks takes little time to visualize images and to enter in the memory and in centers of reward of the brain. Beyond the academic research, a number of university programs of neurocincia, including those that are in are interaction with companies of private consultoria to make the inquiry applied for the great organizations. They are more than 90 companies of private consultoria operating in neuromarketing currently in the United States, as well as in an increasing number of other countries. The media has sensacionalizado many of these inquiries, alleging that the marqueteiros always find ' ' the button to buy in the brain of clientes' ' as result, the use of neurocincia in the commercialization in such a way has defenders and critics. Lawyers they consider that the combination will allow that to the consumers and salesmen to understand better the products that are desired – to a victory/victory for both the parts. Critics alert that the capacity of the consumers to make a logical reasoning, to take decisions informed on purchases will be compromised. Either a lawyer or a critic, many believes that the methods of the neuroimagem will bring significant changes to the marketing of persuasion.

As well as he has forty years, when an only filled computer an entire room and its users waited that the reader did not chew the cards, today the FMRI machine is great, expensive, barulhentas, but it is easy to foresee them, and other technologies of neuroimagem will be developed quickly in powerful portable machines. In the same way, at this moment, the conclusions taken off from the correlation between the cerebral sanguine flow and functions must be faced with caution. Its interpretation requires an affective or cognitiva linking to the reply of neural activity e, in followed, the neural activity a significant reply with the amount of blood taken to a region of the brain. Although, the neurocientistas have made significant advances in the neural activity with the linking to the blood as reply, still it has very to be learned on the relation enters a task related with thought or emotion and neuronal activity. However, it seems probable that the new technologies will allow to neurocincia and commercialization to the investigators better to understand the paper of the emotions in the decision taking, to develop more efficient methods to unchain these emotions, in order to construct to a bigger confidence and allegiance to the mark, to measure the intensity that an individual likes and hates, and, in general, to be persuasivos the marqueteiros. The models of commercialization of persuasion in part II of this Arrigo, will supply a picture to think on the changes that the advanced technologies of the neuroimagem can bring. REFERENCE Journal of Consumer Affairs, Fall, for R. Mark Wilson, Jeannie Gaines, Ronald Paul Hill, 2008.