The Petroleum

The prophecies about petroleum seem to be complying. The price of the barrel stays above US $130 and it is generating innumerable conflicts. For worse, there is no alternative fuels that can replace oil in the short term, and while from OPEC is blamed speculators, pushing upward the price of the barrel when from supply and demand do not justify. It seems that biofuels are not the solution to the energy issue but a new problem, shown with the great debate that have generated worldwide and accusations that receive, be the cause of the rising world price of food situation that is also generating conflicts both or more serious that the caused by the rise in the price of oil itself. In Europe the level reached by the price of a barrel of oil is generating numerous disorders. In Spain specifically, the situation is the most difficult of the euro zone. In the month of may, inflation in Spain in his Interannual variation reached 4.6%.

This is not only a problem for the living conditions of the Spaniards, but also for the competitiveness of its economy. To get an idea of the worrying thing is the data of inflation, the level reached by the same, has no record since 1995. Clear that the oil price is one of the main responsible for this phenomenon. It seems that the inflation rate moved above 4% there, and intends to stay, since this is the fourth month in which is located above this value. But the problem in Spain is not rising prices itself, but the unleashing of other conflict situations that this same generates. It is so, product of the strong rise in the price of fuel, a group of truckers sector comes forward carrying a large strike and already has claimed one life. This strike is the worst faced by Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero since he assumed the Government of Spain in March 2004.

Nike Air Power

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One more version of the AF1 is the Nike Air Pressure one 07 LE Men s Shoe. Yet another consider on the renowned Air Pressure Kinds, this grey Nike shoe is an up to date traditional from 1982 and will become the coolest shoe in your closet. A great design that moyen high overall performance and minimal environmental influence. Premium leather-based higher and an air-sole device for wonderful cushioning and shock absorption, this shoe seems to be wonderful with saggy shorts or jeans. Prime it off with a Nike basketball jersey or shirt and you ll rule the court.

Produce Perfumes

Nature gives us lavishly large amount of ingredients for the manufacture of perfumes. Seeds, grains and seeds are used regularly in the formulation of some of the most successful perfumes in the market. On occasions, reviewing the list of raw materials used in the production of perfumes seem that we’re reviewing a recipe, because many ingredients that are used to give food taste and aroma are also used in the manufacture of perfumes and colognes. Such is the case of cardamom. It’s an herb that can reach up to 4 m in height, and of which only the seeds are used. Its origin lies in India, about 16 centuries ago. Newborn around 1200 this species was introduced to Europe.

Guatemala is the maximum world producer. But cardamom is used not only in the manufacture of perfumes, its uses are many. It is an excellent natural remedy for various digestive disorders, and thanks to its high concentration of terpineol, an oil, is also stimulating, why it is used regularly for the manufacture of energy drinks. Coriander is another herb used generalized as a condiment in cooking. Unlike the cardamom, the whole plant is used, although with greater assiduity the fresh leaves and the dried seeds are used.

It is the soul of the Curry seasoning in popular use in the India. Like cardamom, it also has healing properties for stomach disorders and is stimulating. Cumin is also part of the usual ingredients in perfumes and colognes. Its origin can be located in the Mediterranean Sea. It has healing and sedative properties. Its spicy flavor and its sweet smell are characteristic, and therefore used in many traditional recipes of the Spanish Southeast. Fenugreek is another plant whose use dates back to Egyptian times. By its characteristic odour was used in embalming processes. Virtually all the major civilizations of antiquity knew this unique plant. Its culinary use is widespread, especially in the Indian cuisine. The bean Tonka is the seed of a tree, typical of the Central American area. Its dimensions are enormous: from 3 to 4 cm long. It is widely used as a substitute for the vanilla, and very popular in the preparation of perfumes and colognes. The resin can be extracted from grains is extremely concentrated. Formerly it was used in the preparation of tonics, although this last employment has fallen into disuse since it can become toxic when you consume it. Original author and source of the article

That Are Going To Make Venezuela Our Country Is This Weakening

The only thing we can do is to entrust to God every day that fill us with optimism and patience, you’ll see that the job opportunity that we both wish to soon arrive us. So we are in this country. Unfortunately there are no opportunities for professionals. The truth is sad. Also I have friends who have gone to USA, London, Spain, because here in Venezuela is becoming increasingly more difficult landscape.

It is the situation in which the country is regrettable us young professionals that we want to move forward to the country, does not give us opportunities to develop the potential that we have. It has created a culture of conformism and the trash that will be hard to reverse in the coming years. The idea is to stay and work for this country, this evil will not last 100 years, friends and friends positive mind, when there are new ideas and continue driving a new private economic apparatus, this country can stay afloat and be one of the best in Latin America, through no fault of the leaders just give us faith this is our homeland. Messrs. must be persevering! God squeezes but no hangs! We must be prophets in our land, of heart I tell them might go them that it is true that things are not fine, but outside in a foreign country very badly, we are latinos and the rehazo and abuse in European countries there is at every moment.

Unemployment and neglect is worldwide, must be taken into account, good luck and success to all!. It is true, rejection and racism is still present, but it is very sad that you reject and you abused in your own land, thing that happens here, l as people are looking for is security (in every sense) that grew. Do finally clarified them that here there is no respect in this country there is no culture of any kind, we’re going to do let’s wait 50 years as Cubans? We will lose our youth hoping everything improved? Could you give a solution, read the text and answer the questions. Waiting for your answer Atte Gabriela Toro original author and source of the article.