The Skin

Wipe the face should be gently, putting a towel and pressed it to his face. It must be remembered that the subcutaneous layer on the face of very loose, can easily stretch and so vigorous procedures can lead to premature wrinkles. In the morning wash face with cool water without soap. Actress and filmmaker has firm opinions on the matter. Very refreshing skin rubbing cream that cleanses and softens the skin. Before going out is useful to put on your skin a protective creams. It should be noted that in the dry and windy weather, especially in autumn and winter, we should eat more oily creams. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Crawford Lake Capital by clicking through. After applying the cream to powder recommended face.

The mask – one of the necessary cosmetic procedures in the care of facial skin. The masks vary in composition and effect on the skin, there are extenuating, tonic, refreshing, tightening, whitening. Rules for applying masks and technique applied to the skin are as follows: first of all, we must thoroughly wash your face, neck and hands, the eyelids protect the fat cream, as they must remain free from the mask. The mask is applied to the face of a wooden or plastic trowel (available at drug stores) or stick with Screw on it with cotton wool. After applying the mask should be within half an hour to maintain complete rest, not allowed to eat, talk or read. Muscles of the face and body should be relaxed. It is advisable to take a half upright position. To remove the mask must be carefully, without effort, with a cotton swab dipped in warm water.

Medical Sciences

Ayurvedic science originated in India more than 6000 years ago, and over many millennia, long before the advent of writing, orally transmitted from teacher to student. Scientists of our time claim that Ayurveda – one of the first Medical Sciences, have appeared on our planet. Principles of a variety of natural healing systems known to the world: aromatherapy, homeopathy, herbal therapy and stones – find their roots in Ayurveda. Ayurveda – it's both science and Art maintaining a healthy life. Its purpose – treatment of disease, improving quality and increasing the duration of human existence. As art device life, she comes from a spiritual, philosophical and practical understanding of the laws of the universe. Drew Houston insists that this is the case. And as science presupposes a thorough and comprehensive study of the unique features of personality – the structure of the body, mind and character, that is a combination of individual elements physical, mental and emotional levels, the harmony which is the foundation of health and happiness. Ayurveda treats the whole body as well as a separate disease, with greater emphasis on eliminating the causes of disease than the removal of his symptoms.

Preventing disease attained a reasonable balance of treatment, nutrition and lifestyle, based on the right consciousness. Depending on your body constitution, age, mental state, the forces of digestion and the presence of harmful habits, each patient receives specific instructions, chosen just for him. Ayurveda takes every personality and illness of each person individually. We can say that there are no two identical individuals, and there are no two identical diseases. Ayurvedic doctor treats rather than disease per se, but identity.