The Bones

It has much people that find that it goes to give one jeitinho, how much the Salvation, but God nobody purchase: Its silver, will launch it for the streets, and its gold will be as imundcia; nor its silver nor its gold them will be able to exempt in the day of the furor Mr.; these metals them will not be able to saciar the hunger, nor to full them the stomach; therefore they had served of slip of its iniquity (Ezequiel 7 – 19). Ezequiel was called to nail to the one people of hard cervix, of loaded semblante, that was fallen of the presence of God, if heard would be revividos as the bones in the valley (Ezequiel 37), leaves therefore you clearly that if the mpio if to convert of its impiedade will be saved. if just, long ago fallen if to repent, also will be saved: But if you to inform just, so that just it does not sin, and it not to sin, certainly you will live, because it received the acknowledgment; you exempted your soul Ezequil 3 – 21). Thus a called man must live pra to say the Word to the rebels, with the consegrada life to deliver the Truth, remembering to that they hear its reponsabilidade to it for what it heard. A money does not justify nobody of God ahead and nor Justice, the Straightness kept before the fall. The orientation to remain in foot this: That one, therefore, that it takes care of to be in foot, looks at does not fall (I Corntios 10 – 12).