The Treatment

Ensure the treatment of air in the premises of large volumes requires a punctual technical study that can not improvise. For this reason, ATC proposes a numerical simulation to give a true energy result, perfect diffusion and air temperature homogeneity. ATC has developed a range of numerical simulation that allow modelling the air flows and simulate real phenomena REALISM. Dynamic simulation of air aims to obtain a secure and adapted solution that allows ensuring a result aerolico, as well as proposing technical solution most appropriate. Numerical simulation offering allows: – to analyze the air velocities – calculate speeds – materialize temperatures, etc. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Mark Stevens. Recreating real conditions that occur on the premises (emanations of heat from equipment, presence of staff, areas of) the local jam) numerical simulation is an added value in projects that allows:-validate a blueprint, especially the final result aerolico of an installation, is highly recommended to use this program in: agri-food, pharmaceuticals, local processes of high altitudes. -Analyze the performance of a network of textile ducts in a much more precise and detailed way, because it perfectly recreates the atmosphere of the local conditions. Diffusion of air through textile duct of high induction is an alternative technical solution which gives us advantages such as:-economy, the use of a? t important allows you to reduce the total flow and the section of the diffusers, thus allowing a significantly reduce investments in what refers to the treatment of air.

-Improves working conditions, energy type textile ducts allow secure renewals from 20 to 40 air volume rates per hour. -A lower cost installation, the injection of air by the holes allow to reach distances of diffusion more important allowing to reduce the number of textile products. -The very high local installation is facilitated with this type of ductwork, in addition that diffusion type ATC power system is very lightweight and requires no special support, your Assembly becomes simple and quick. -Low costs of maintenance, the system type ATC energy generates practically zero fouling factor. And stoppages of the entire system by reason of cleaning are limited. -The textile duct is the only system of distribution and air diffusion that guarantees perfect hygiene, thanks to which it is manufactured with technical fabrics which can be washed easily in washing machines industrial or conventional. -The textile duct is manufactured under a previous study and is adaptable to different environments such as: agri-business (dairies, drying meat, packing rooms), stores, industries, sports centres, swimming pools, airports, shopping centers, marquees, auditoriums authors: REYNAUD Andre, CHABERT-DUPUPED Marylene, ZAVALA Denisse. Original author and source of the article