Tips For Making Money With A Website

Did you know that there are ordinary people who became millionaire selling programs on the Internet about how to learn to play music by ear, how love girls in a bar or publishing of senior executives 39 ideas on what to do if you only have $500 in the bank account? It sounds unreal, but businessman Alex Ochart ensures that it is not only possible, but any person or entrepreneur can make money on the internet, without having to be a technology guru. The problem of the internet is that many people don’t know the and believes that missing graphic designers and other complications makes, he said in an interview with business. OChart worked for more than 20 years in the audio industry and was the owner of several businesses for sale, rental and installation of audio visual equipment. Five years ago the Executive went to an event in Miami that changed his life, there he met Jermaine Griggs, the now millionaire creator of Hear and Play, a business that has more than two million annual customers who buy music online to play of ear and more than 200,000 faithful to its electronic publishing subscribers. Thereafter, Ochart changed the course of their business, retired sound industry and entered to the web. Today is dedicated to advising corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to monetize their interactive pages. Pillars of success to ensure success on the Internet, the interviewee pointed out that there are four pillars that the entrepreneur should know before you begin.

The first of these is that the money is in the list. If you do not save the name, phone and email of the people, you’re losing money. However, advises that you do not attempt to sell something for the first time, but it is limited to provide valuable information to clients. The second pillar is related to the previous Council, and consists of information sells and sells well.