According to think who go and think what to get, we will use the transmission channel and code that may seem more appropriate. -Do we need to know about the audience? -Why come to listen to us or read our writings? -What to expect? -What are your needs wishes / socio-cultural characteristics? 10 tips to convince the audience 1. It must distinguish clearly the purpose and intent of the message that is going to give: information, persuasion, or both. 2 Distributes the contents of the presentation into three distinct parts: introduction, body and conclusion. 3 Limits the number of key issues seven or less for each presentation.

A good presentation requires organization, as soon as possible and use careful language. 4 Uses a language appropriate to the public and uses nouns and verbs that give strength and dynamism to the text. Avoid the passive voice. 5. Expresses an idea in each element using short sentences rather than compound sentences. 6.

It is recommended to be creative and replace words with illustrations. An illustration arouses the interest and transmits the information more quickly. 7 Use graphs, tables and diagrams so that data can be easily proven. 8. At the time of submission should be the image of being relaxed and secure, even if it is as a flan. We will vocalize with clarity and avoid speaking of breakup. 9 It is very good to have a glass of water on hand to use it upon to dry us mouth, or just when we need an excuse to think about the next idea. 10. Never there to admit that you are nervous and apologizing for it. If something we forget, the best is go ahead and mention it when we remember it. Want to convince aficazmente to an audience?