Visual Leader

Your position as leader would be very complicated if you prescindieras of video tools. YouTube, puts at our disposal the possibility to reach more people and position ourselves against them as people of experience in our area of opportunity. There are several platforms like this. But not only YouTube is the best known but the best positioned in the minds of users. This derives in major traffic towards our messages. Do the following exercise: make a video introduction of yourself.

This video, of no more than 3 minutes in length (exaggerated) has to contain the following in the order that you mention below: 1. A greeting to your followers 2. Your name and where you live 3. Which is the problematic that you helped to resolve with your experience. 4. Brief history personal (professionally speaking) 5. A closure (a thank you and an invitation to follow you in your social networks) points 1, 2 and 3 you must cover in the first 9 seconds of the video.

Remember that people generally have a very short attention level. Once you’ve completed your video, put it on the wall of your profile on Facebook and Twitter, by placing the URL (eg.) in the gateway link. It also places a comment written on your wall. For example I will show you how General networks of marketing of way automatic. Wait to see the comments from people when they see your video. This will help you follow a guide of how to burn them. It is very important that you develop the habit to record yourself… If you have a small video camera, always charge it with you. You can do recordings wherever and share the same day. Do this exercise of home.