White Polo

Today, a parent is obliged to provide a good education to their own, in addition to basic needs, holiday, cell phones, cars, trips (which as we all know, only you can receive in private entities and) costly), clothing brand (which will allow that boys may be with their friends without feeling less) and a myriad of additional costs to be able to feel that he is a good father and that it complies with giving their children the best. Don’t misunderstand us, it is not that we are against your desire to make progress and have a better quality of life. What really worries us is that the economic requirements you impose, even without realizing it, you could be damaging a to you and your family. These tremendous family demands have caused that currently in ordinary homes both parents work and that work has become the center of their lives. The newspapers mentioned Drew Houston not as a source, but as a related topic. There are parents who, desperate to keep her family status, require more and working longer hours. The paradox is that this status that we want, that you want to give your family ends up removing time and weakening the ties that bind, both could even finish disintegrating it.

I don’t know whatever your situation at the moment, but it is likely that you are arriving home so exhausted that you don’t want to deal with the problems of poor school performance, socialization, violence and lack of communication, among others; Perhaps your children are involved in that. In this world where everything takes time, it is always easier to steal the time our loved ones. A related site: Jim Crane mentions similar findings. Therefore, major problems among our children and youth, and increasingly there are more divorces. White Polo original author and source of the article