A Council, before reading this text the best is to contact some element of nature, as light an incense, a candle, touch water or a plant, because you will have another vision of what you are explaining, since touching an item activates the energy of the Earth. It’s like speaking a common language and capture not only the words, but what there is beyond them. In addition to the environmentalist thinking it is true that we see lately a more environmentalist stance reflected in the media, trying to people worry more about the planet, but that is little regarding what you should do. Talking with my teacher, a being of great wisdom and love called Nintan, you’ve externado that there are many projects in favour of planet by environmental groups and that can generate positive change, though he has explained to me that: this aid is low, even when dissemination and promotion of awareness by saying no throw trash or do not use products that damage the planet, etc., is not enough. Is like telling a child not tread on there or don’t do this, and he is not going to obey, is going to continue even when you tell him that no, why? Because that has actually a change and that everyone can know is it should not throw garbage and others, is that you must teach who are affecting. Generally see that they are affecting a mass of matter, which is the planet, but they are not seeing that they are affecting to a living being. Even if it is a large subject, it has life, a personality, has feelings and you have not seen it as well. Most of their ancestors Yes saw it as well, they had a very big respect for his planet, but you through time have forgotten him and we don’t want to realize that who are affecting is his own mother.Very difficult is what I’m going to say, but actually it is so, it is as if you at this time were about your mother spitting you and throwing debris on top, it is as if you were opening the bowels to get cancer and diseases.

The Police

The police aimed with their electrical pistols and loaded against the disabled one. A neighbor of the zone noticed the officials that well the young person could not communicate. The mother of the attacked one demands damages and prejudices by illegal use of the force. Two agents of Dayton, city located to the Southeast of Ohio (the USA), attacked a disabled young person thinking that this one were needing to the respect. After several misunderstandings, the police used their pistols of electrical unloadings against Jesse and was arrested.

Everything began when Jesse Kersey left in bicycle near its house to give a return and the Willie official stopped to him with the intention to do preguntass to him. Before the difficulty of the disabled one, of 17 years, to communicate, the agents thought that she was a lack of respect towards the police body and they began to him to shout. Jesse was put nervous and been towards its house so that her mother helped him to explain the happened thing, which caused a new misunderstanding in the officials when thinking that this one was occurring to the flight. By the way, one of the neighbors clarified a the agents who were an error and that Jesse could not speak with normality, but these asked that she separated to him or, otherwise, would be arrested. When arriving at house, the mother of Jesse, was her son who was being aimed by two police.

Once inside, the defendant, Hooper and Howard, used their pistols and realised electrical unloadings in the back of Jesse, that was asking that stopped. Next, they there were dew to him with pepper aerosol. Jesse was handcuffed and they took it in the police car, defendant of assault to a peace official, resistance to the authority and obstruction of the official functions of the agents. The mother of the young person, Pamela Ford, assures that the agents already knew that his son was disabled and who it was a junior. In agreement with the denunciation realised in the County of Montgomery, Jesse, after one pretends lack of respect to the agents, left running to look for its mother to clarify the situation, since he could not solve the problem nor communicate so that the police understood to him. In addition, in the denunciation, friendly of the district assure that they noticed to the demanded agents several times of which Jesse was disabled and podia not to understand what it was sucendiendo. Nevertheless, the court of minors of the County of Montgomery declared to innocent Jesse and the positions in his against were eliminated. Jesse and its mother both demand damages and damages to Dayton and officials, by illegal halting, illegal arrest, malicious persecution, assault, aggression and excessive and illegal use of the force.

Santa Maria Novella Language

In addition it studied the Italian vernacular language, the Latin (the frank language of that time), the Proven1cal one, and in fact it inserted some verses in this language in the Purgatorio. It is necessary to indicate that in the Average Age the fall of the Roman Empire left a dozen of small States, so that Sicily was remote cultural and politically of Tuscan, as this one were it of Wins: the regions did not share the same language nor the same culture and the mass media were difficult. When she was 9 years old found Beatriz Portinari, daughter of Folco Portinari, with which one fell in love at first sight, and apparently without still to have spoken to him. Frequently saw it after the 18 years, often interchanged greetings in the street, but never he himself with effectiveness got to know it proposed the example for the supposed courteous Love well. It is difficult to understand what this love included/understood in fact, but something extremely important for the Italian culture it happened. It was in the name of this love that Dante gave to its impression to the stil Dolce nuovo that would influence to writers and poets to discover the subject of the Love, that before so it had never been accentuated. The love by Beatriz, apparently, was the reason of its poetry and its life, along with its political passions.

When Beatriz died in 1290, Dante tried to find a refuge in Latin Literature. Then it was dedicated to philosophical studies in religious schools, like Santa Maria Novella. This excessive passion by the philosophy would be criticized later by the personage of Beatriz in the Purgatorio, the second book of the Divine Comedy. Wikipedia remembers to us, that Of Vulgari Eloquentia (Eloquence in the vernacular language) is the title of a test of Dante Alighieri, written in Latin and initially it wanted to consist of four books, but Dante aborted the idea after the second.

Good Environmental Policy

Increasingly noticeable as the well-defined absence for good environmental policies have generated serious problems in the environment for many countries, where Venezuela does not escape this. Knows little interest in earlier Governments was given to environmental policies, especially to the protection of the environment, who has left significant traces in the country, not just in the deterioration of its climate, environment, but on the health of the same Venezuelan, where many people suffer from the consequences of environmental pollution, especially in the States of FalconMerida, Maracaibo, Carabobo, to mention a few. Very little seriousness has been given to what represents the responsibility of environmental pollution, while there is a law of the environment and its regulation, however, little is true what your items enclosed, and it shows as it is still polluting the environment, cities, where no doubt note the absence of an environmental culture and a government authority that makes everything that is respected the law holds in relation to environmental pollution. There is definitely a lack of environmental policy well defined, with their respective control systems guaranteeing the Venezuelan which identifies the productive sector, as well as other institutions, and the same people with the relevant that is to preserve the environment. It is very valid and interesting what exposes Cristina Frers, today the awareness that the environment in which we live is not an invulnerable and inexhaustible resource is being installed in the culture of today’s societies and the public agenda of the States. However, the management of environmental policies is still in its infancy the urgent challenges of the coming decades which is not ventured to assume that we will witness a deep environmental conversion of development and policy. Very well Frers, reminds us that environmental policy is the establishment of a harmonious and interrelated set of objectives, which are aimed at the improvement of the environment and proper management of natural resources.

Julio Olalla

Is attributable to a punctual need, but it is convenient to reach part of the style of address of the person, applying it at all times in relations with its collaborators. Likewise suggests that the external Coaching: this method of training is that carried out by foreign agents external to the organization. It tries to boost the image directive not only within the Organization, but that it projects outside their four walls so that its scope is greater. This way the company will be known by the effectiveness of the managerial staff in charge, giving it a more human dimension. Benefits of a good Coaching management according the experience accumulated by the Coach Mexican Renato Gazmuri (2005), the benefits of a managerial Coaching process encompass the field of organizational, professional and personal (family). Some of the benefits that CITES Gazmuri: develops the skills and abilities and increases the conocimientos produces a high calidad improvement performance feedback and the productividad improves the behavior and attitude of the area increases learning capacity, in other words, learn to learn more rapido improvement the relationships between managers and improving the quality of life of all involucrados subordinados frees time Manager Coach produces more creative ideas possible barriers to managerial Coaching some of the potential barriers, real or not, drawn from the empirical experience, according to Gazmuri, explaining the rejection of some companies and / or managers not to apply and / or participate in a process of managerial Coaching are lack of timelack of resources and the pressures of short term for the achievement of the goals. Also the excuse that lack capacity and skill among executives of levels medium and low.

Fear of losing control and loss of power of the high administration, as well as the rigid traditional culture of each institution are other possible barrier to Coaching. For its part, Julio Olalla greater sums up that many, Coaching is resistance, which are usually due to three reasons: (1) demand for time, (2) induces the challenge faced with own feelings or fears and (3) generates redistribution of power. Essential elements for the success of managerial Coaching firstly having a Coach full, excellently prepared. Another prerequisite is that the client is eager to work with the Coach, with your help, extract and use all its potential; Accordingly, the Coaching process should be initiated only and exclusively if the client has the desire and the will to do it. Discipline in the development of the process (frequency, schedule, tasks), close communication between Coach and Coacheado, clear definition of objectives and indicators of achievements, a high degree of trust and confidentiality are important conditions during the process. Finally, the backrest of directors or confidence in the benefits of the method of Coaching and management to the Coacheados high provide the ideal framework for the success of all managerial Coaching.