Berlin Wall

The "Post Cold War, the" gladnost "perestroika and the fall of the Berlin Wall, symbolizing the end of the confrontation of the Western world, led by the United States and the Communist world led by the Soviet Union. dissolution of the Soviet Union as an interpretable triumph of the Western world, has reinvigorated the system of representative democracy, as political paradigm. The same, with the market economy, seem to be the parameters from which, will be processed from now on the problems of the countries of the earth. But the effect of a market economy will take to extend its benefits to all corners of the earth. The concept is obviously applicable to our beloved Argentina. Our own experience and studies, suggest that for long periods, a significant segment of the population remain outside the scope of the benefits of market economy.

Even in many cases the benefits will reach that part and go to other methodologies for subsistence. This situation of need, could be solved gradually, if the return would promote a concept that seemed almost closed in the corner of the memories I am referring to the domestic economy. Perhaps this concept, just tell them to under forty, and especially to those of this age group living in large cities. However, there was a time when at home, and especially, the humblest, were bred poultry sausages were made and preserved, was woven and tailored clothes, baked bread, and so similarly, almost self-sufficient families. Then came the industrial society (in fact in most places was only fragmentary and Argentina almost a caricature).

Brazilian GIP

The diffidence if justifies, mainly because the crisis comes if dragging it has already some years, and seems that the improving measures taking for the European authorities, beyond not having had effectiveness in the direction to revert the situation, also do not find endorsement popular, and is without the shadow of a doubt necessary to have much caution before burning resources being part of a joint effort predestinold previously to total the failure. Also, the sum of the resources of supposed ' ' ajuda' ' of Brazil mentioned above in them she seems so lowermost, that at least it would make tickles in the feet of the monster of the crisis, is enough to see the numbers of the financial hole of a country with so small economy as Greece, the ball of the time, what it will say of economies more expressive as Spain and Italy, or the trillion necessary one for the block all. On the other hand, our side, who in the aid? The goal of growth of the Brazilian GIP for the year of 2011 already was reviewed for low, and for the year that comes, our crystal balls still are with the half focus embaado to give to serious support to the adivinhao exercises and futurologia, but the certainty is that it does not come good thing for there. For even more opinions, read materials from Francisco D’Agostino Venezuela. Our structural problems still are all for deciding, even so the smoke and the fogos of artifice of the last government have vendido the idea of that everything this way already is solved and that the things they go to a thousand wonders. To the part of the necessary bilionrios investments for the accomplishment of the Pantry of Soccer in 2014 and of the Olimpadas in 2016, our serious typical problems of underdeveloped country as basic sanitation water treated and collection to sewers: 55% of the Brazilian residences do not have linking of collection of sewers and, of that it has, given of the IBGE they inform that 70% of its collected dejections are repassed directly to the nature without any type of treatment -, sucateada public health and declared insolvent morbidamente I morbidamente do not want to be repetitive here when telling the almost daily cases of sick people becoming vacant desesperadamente of hospital in hospital to the vacant search, nor of that they are interned for treatment in corridors, where remain in foot per days receiving attendance (the type of attendance imagines that is conferred to them).