Tomas Navarro Tomas

Tomas NAVARRO TOMAS (1884-1979) his charged twenty-five years of experience, fertilized with the teachings of the poor, rough and difficult life, have matured his manly figure and his soul of pastor, poet and militiaman. Feel the tragedy of Spain, the sacrifice of the people and the Mission of the youth with depth and breadth. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Francisco D’Agostino. It serves his people as a poet and as a soldier. His spirit, on a pure ideal of Justice and freedom, poured generously in his poetic compositions and in his military life dignity of tone, rhythm and the concept, they relive epic ballad resonances in their lips in many passages. The prologue to the people (1937) wind. Miguel Hernandez, poet farmer in the trenches, by T. Navarro Tomas. THE voice of a great PHILOLOGIST Tomas Navarro Tomas, belonging to the first class or first generation of disciples of Ramon Menendez Pidal, along with Damaso Alonso, Federico de Onis y Vicente Garcia de Diego, is not strictly literary critic, but his studies of pronunciation, intonation, and metric have contributed in many ways to illuminate the difficult technical problems in the analysis of the poetry.

Its Spanish metric. Historical and descriptive review (1956), is a seminal work on versification. A compendium of the same was published with the title art of verse (1959), a book whose apparent modesty, very typical of its author, must not hide their usefulness. Tomas Navarro Tomas philologist born in the Roda, Albacete, on April 12, 1884 and died in Northampton, Massachusetts, on September 16, 1979. He attended primary school and the first years of high school in his hometown, then continued his studies at Villena. He studied philosophy and letters in the University of Valencia and the Central University of Madrid, where he was student of Menendez Pidal and that doctorate in romance Philology in 1908. It oposito to the optional body of archivists, librarians and archaeologists and took position of its Plaza in avila in January 1910, and months later, in the national historical archives in Madrid.

Loan Modification

making home affordable plan, loan modifications modify mortgage loans is the hope for the mortgaged homeowners who have been struggling hard and are not able to pay their monthly mortgage on time. Search homeowners found that they can benefit from the federal government mortgage refinance and modification program. Many of the families were facing foreclosure proceedings and their homes were on the verge of sale out. But homeowners of these nearly foreclosed homes sought the help of mortgage modification plan. What’s more, these financially weak mortgage homeowners were so running huge debts and these debts had to be cleared off as early as possible in order to come out of those horrendous sleepless nights. Many of the bad credit mortgage homeowners had little idea that their credit card debts and other debts could therefore be restructured using loan modification. The finance companies and banks were clear on this point and they were offered strict instructions by the federal government on easing the process of restructuring. If you are the bad credit mortgage homeowner, make sure that you submit the completed application to the financial institution or servicing bank.

Federal loan modification program is a hope to many U.S. of homeowners who do not have good financial earnings to meet the mortgage payments. Are you completely aware about the Obama loan modification qualifications? Well, the real problem behind securing benefits under the federal loan modification process what not the financial condition of individual mortgage homeowner. But in fact, it what unawareness; or rather lack of knowledge of the qualifications and the guidelines listed under the mortgage modification program. The whole process of mortgage modification and refinancing what streamlined under one vision and the vision what to make homes affordable to the homeowners who were not able to pay the mortgage loan on time. The problem seemed to be really serious. Financially scrambled homeowners who otherwise were not able to get their current mortgage loan modified thought for the federal home medication program as fresh lease of life.

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My Family

A popular and much-loved brand, "My Family" continues to please us their new products. Very soon, except for shampoos, conditioners, toothpastes and creams, "My Family" will appear on store shelves for each line of cosmetics family member, "Pearl Series" household pleasing for its quality and packaging design, and a huge range of products for the home of slippers in the bathroom, tack in the kitchen to the bedroom curtains. Each hostess will possibility to get home space in the same style for every taste. Since 2007, the branding company "Geling" is the selection of domestic manufacturers who wish to produce their products under this brand. Number of participants the project has long exceeded the first ten. And this, indeed, worthy of the company.

In general, these key players markets such as textiles, cosmetics, household chemicals and related products. Capabilities partner companies in the development of the range, distribution and advertising produce a well-deserved respect. Project participants have found it necessary integration of these capabilities to a single massive market entry and decent employment positions. For this purpose, branding the company "Geling" and organized the first Conference of the practice partners in the project, "My Family" in a segment of non-food. The conference was held at a country hotel Raivola Leningrad region. Organized a meeting to order BC "Geling" full service advertising agency "creative workshop".

At the big table discussed the range of products and advertising plans products and their promotion. In addition, raised issues of pricing and distribution of megacities and the regions of Russia. Following the meeting, this year plans to expand the range of nearly 1,000 SKU. Evaluation opportunities and brand partnerships, allowed to define as one of the tactical objectives of the project the production of goods both one and multi-vendor single collection. In joint work on the collections will be cooperate not a design studio project partners. In addition, an agreement was reached to expand the opportunity for cross-support products to other products of the same collection, and beyond. So it was decided the construction of the "strong points" of the brand in the cities of one million. The idea is that in every city on the basis of one million loyal to the brand and have proven their worth wholesale companies will create a kind of representation. According to Maxim Chichvarina, CEO of branding company 'Geling', it forces the companies will address issues relating to both the promotion and implementation of centralized distribution of the project. In the advertising area was made a key decision to create a single massive moving products across Russia and the formation of consolidated advertising budget. Time to market will be carried out in the bottom, and middle and upper segment of the mass – market, and as a result, every product will find its buyer. At the end of the conference for establishing a warm informal relationships conducive to mutually cooperate further organized entertainment. It was another step in the structure of Russia's largest family brand.

Canine Rescue

There are currently a total of seven instructors, officially certified Canine Rescue in Disasters, Method Chest, in the autonomous community of Andalusia. In Andalusia, cities such as Jaen and Almeria do not yet have one rescue dog team (in capital or province), to intervene in case of loss of collapse / s for any reason where occurrence of the possible burial of people who require maximum speed to detect in time the location of possible survivors buried and able to carry out an effective rescue them. Should be noted that every year there are collapses of buildings in various parts of the Andalusian, usually by structural failure or explosion, but also must bear in mind the latent risk of suffering at some point a level of intensity in any destructive frequent earthquakes and unexpectedly affect inevitable the territory of the region, as has occurred for example in 1884, in Arenas del Rey, Granada province earthquake claimed more than a thousand victims, causing the collapse of approximately four thousand homes that involved the burial of numerous people and would have required urgent intervention as the first search and rescue, detection and tracking half provably effective, if not, obviously, would and would, on the contrary, the death of the same, whether for clinical reasons based on time elapsed or accidentally by an indiscriminate harmful debris removal.. .

Plastics Production

The functioning of moulding plastic is nowadays the probably the most used starting material worldwide. This is of course in addition to the versatile uses the simple handling and processing. Who wants to build a Chair made of wood E.g., required to do this up to two dozen different tools, as many steps and a whole lot of time. For plastics is sufficient, however, a single machine such as an injection molding machine and a fraction of the effort. The workings of these machines is, generally speaking, quite similar to the of the manufacture a plaster impression. The liquefied material is injected under high pressure into a negative form, where it hardens, then the form is removed.

A Spritzgiessanlage that consists of two components: the injection unit pellets or plastic cords are to a mass melted in and then injected into the template. This is held by the clamp closed, cooled, opened and the finished product is ejected. In this way, it is possible to produce different components with a minimal amount of work very quickly and inexpensively. The range of application is customized modules depending on the used machine of small plastic parts such as plugs or protective covers for mobile phones and to very large, especially. A special advantage is the flexibility of the form, which is limited only by the size of the clamping unit. Thus, it is possible to produce different components in quick succession and immediately implement small variations. A drawback of these machines, however, is that the new acquisition is relatively expensive. This can easily be bypassed by accessing high-quality used equipment is back.

It is absolutely essential that machines before delivery be thoroughly overhauled and tested and the work can’t leave without having completed a full test pass. Special attention must be devoted to security, whose standard is of course one of the manufacturer’s should be fully satisfying. A failure of your production means huge costs and unfavourable conditions also penalties and the loss of confidence of your customers. Therefore you should access under all circumstances experienced, renowned providers like Nortec, who for many years have mastered their reputation on.

Correct Articles

This is our immediate future. Now consider that from this ocean of money, a small trickle of yours. You just have to let it flow into the your pocket. So as not to get lost in the huge flow of information and distinguish themselves from the masses? Again, I repeat, the easiest way – is to learn to write their own good articles. Writing articles – is an art and it There are many subtleties. There are certain laws and how to write quality articles. They need to be taken into account to hold the attention of your article, and to accomplish its task.

Secrets of writing articles You can learn pretty quickly. After spending some time at the beginning of training – the further you will get huge benefits. Learn this art, you will not depend on anybody at any time and do everything you want for advancement. There are several advantages if you write yourself. First, you save your money.

Second, you no one is dependent and do not expect the work done. Third, you constantly improve your skill. Fourth, knowing better than others, its customers and product, you will be able to use expertly written articles, to touch his audience in a lively and dramatically increase sales. All this will give you undeniable advantages to market, and not only attract the attention of buyers, but also increase your ranking as a specialist. In conclusion, I would like to talk about the learning process. Of course, you can go on the thorny path and fill cones. But it is more efficient and You can quickly learn all the wisdom of using good leadership. Always better to learn on someone else's successes, than his "bitter". It's faster, safer and easier. Even if you never write, you can easily master this art. And the best way to do it without wasting time and money reinventing the wheel. Use the guide, which details all the steps are painted in secret. To become a certified completed its its task, you should be familiar with the correct writing articles, editing and placement. If you are interested in this topic, please follow this link. Learn all the details of writing and posting articles you can the book: (link) "How to write articles on any topic. Step by step guide to writing and placing articles. The book contains detailed and systematized information necessary for writing quality articles and correct their placement. Also in there you will find a ready framework for action, spread out on the simple steps. This book covers many technical and artistic secrets that you probably do not even suspect. Using these simple instructions, learn to write quality articles can be almost anyone. Even if you have never done this before, have no idea where to start and write errors, this book will help you write better than zapravskogo copywriter.


Interventions in some patients regain some of the weight lost. No intervention gives a 100% success rate for all patients. Will I gain weight then? It may be instances, as is half gastrectomy (mechanical) to control what you eat but will not cure the other psychological aspects of the disease. Therefore, to avoid a failure after the surgery, you need the cooperation of the patient and adjust your lifestyle to new conditions that result from this speech, for which it is given a dietary program to meet their nutritional needs and vitamins. When it comes to weight balance, which can not be predicted beforehand, the body adjusts to the new intake and weight is maintained. What effects can be unpleasant? At first, if you insist on eating can cause vomiting. By eating continually cause a stretching of the stomach, and may even occur to loosen the clamps and a return to weight gain.

Interventions with ring, if you try to eat solids without chewing can cause problems. Interventions without ring, patients better tolerated the intake and do not suffer vomiting. You may feel pain in small incisions and abdominal muscles, especially deep breathing, coughing, and exertion. Take a pain reliever, according to the recommendations of your doctor. Aspirin or other pain medications may increase the chance of bleeding.

Be sure to take only the medications your doctor has recommended. Weight loss surgery such as gastrectomy can be emotionally difficult because you will be adjusting to new dietary habits and a body in the process of change. You may feel especially tired during the month following gastrectomy surgery. Exercise and attending meetings of a support group can be helpful at this time. Tell your doctor of any of the following conditions: fever or chills, redness, swelling or bleeding or other drainage from the incision increased pain around the incision. After gastrectomy surgery, it is likely that your physician may give you additional or alternate instructions, depending on your situation. What risks can have? The surgical risk is greatly reduced because you do not perform or bypass anastomosis. As with the introduction of a Gastric Band, you have less appetite, and when you eat, you will feel even more quickly sated. It is essential that you know when you are about to be filled, and immediately stop eating. Otherwise, your stomach will suffer a progressive alignment with receiving increased capacity, which partly invalidate the benefit of this technique, while contributing to the erosion of the stomach wall and possible complications. As in any surgical procedure, complications can occur, however the risks of this surgery gastrectomy are generally lower than the left untreated morbid obesity. Some possible complications include, among others, the following: pneumonia, blood clots, infections, bleeding ulcer One of the most serious complications of gastectomia is a stomach leak that can cause peritonitis. Peritonitis is an inflammation of the peritoneum, the smooth membrane that lines the abdominal cavity. There may be other risks depending upon your specific medical condition. Remember to discuss any concerns with your doctor before procedure. Obesity Institute led by Dr. Adelard Knight has the experience of dozens of successful interventions to their patients.

Private Retirement Savings More Important

Generation Rentenschock private retirement savings more important than ever no new insight is that the citizens must solve by the deceptive illusion of a sufficient statutory pensions to secure the usual standard of living. Due to the demographic development and one to the time shortly before the collapse of the State pension insurance system, the automatism, after pensions equal shares rose with the income of workers, was abolished in already established more than a decade. Thus was created the deliberate and fiscally sheer way multi-layered retirement, at the same time led to a modest increase in the statutory pensions and a growing need of the Government-funded private pension. Although informed early and persistent reports in the press about the further development of the pension situation regularly shock the German population. So recently became known, that the statutory pensions level according to the forecast of the Also could fall by 10 per cent by 2025. This Bill arises from the possible reduction of the level of backup, so the ratio of an average earner pension after 45 years of contribution to the current median income, now 50.8 percent to 45.2 percent. Thus continues a trend, which without private pensions will increasingly likely poverty in old age. The average pension was less than twenty years ago still nearly twice as high as the State basic backup, so this value has been reduced now trend on the factor of 1.35 continue falling.

Meanwhile, Federal far around 400,000 retirees are considered poor and have public support. So it is little wonder, then, that currently around 660,000 of pensioners over 65 on a mini job are instructed to cover their financial needs. These figures still mean not the end of the flagpole, can in the light of future further declining statutory pension levels, the growing number of low-paid, unstable Purchase biographies, the later career and the retirement transition is increasingly more complicated design are easily traced. It is therefore all the more important to understand the seriousness of the situation and the need for personal responsibility and to operate a sustainable retirement early to escape poverty and enjoy a financially worry-free retirement. Various forms of occupational and private pensions (such as the “Riester” and Rurup pension) learnt a State funding. The forward-looking Saver then the pre-programmed future shock messages can make sleep”, the Managing Director of JuMFinanz UG advises Marco Otter leg (limited liability).

About insurance insurance, a company of JuMFinanz UG (limited liability) has based in Marburg. On its Internet portal, it offers basic information on the following topics: Riester-rente, Rurup pension (basic pension). Post-employment benefits, Sofortrente and payout plan, life insurance and pension, unit-linked life insurance and unit-linked pension insurance, British life insurance and British pension insurance, disability insurance and invalidity insurance, private health insurance. How to contact with Stefan Gobel JuMFinanz UG (haftungsbeschrankt) reel 1 35037 Marburg Tel.: 06421-1685500 fax: 06421-1685480 E-Mail: