This bacterium is sensitive to common disinfectants, then he shall especially treatments and disinfections that CosemarOzono made periodic onsite at risk. As we have documented and provided in different pubicaciones of a technical and scientific nature, ozone is one of the most effective disinfectants and that just even with the spores of Bacillus subtilis, the resistant form of the more resistant bacterial species. Bordetella bronchiseptica is considered a parasite of various species of animal respiratory tract. M Gowan in 1911 described the discovery of the germ in huron, monkey, goat, Guinea pig, rabbit, cat and dog and also announced that it had isolated this bacterium in an employee who had handled rabbits and Guinea Pigs. In 1943, Phillips in Canada was isolated in pure culture from bronchial exudates of pigs. During all these years of research of this kind, the prevalence of infection has been especially high in pigs, dogs and ecumenical (Winsser, 1960, Smith, Baskerwille, and Bronthwell, 1982).

Also has been found to affect other species such as rats, mice, rabbits and other (Good and May, 1971;) DEEB et al, 1990). She has also been involved in respiratory in immunocompromised individuals and nursing, as well as staff that has kept close contact with sick animals; Although it is not considered an antropozoonotico microorganism (Bauwens et al, 1992). In terms of laboratory animals, it has shown that this bacterium is capable of affecting the vast majority of species, mostly rodents, Lagomorphs and canines among others. A curiosity: the species of this genus only attacking humans is the B. pertussis, whooping cough causes. Mar Calvo Perez CosemarOzono. Pol.Ind. the Cascajal in Pinto. C/little Bustard n 2, 18 and 19 ships.