Black Sea Coast

Viability of seeds of 95%. Gives the plants from seed reproduction GBS. Seeds are sown in May after a 1.5 stratifiatsii months in the ground, sprout within a few days. 45% of cuttings rooted in the processing of 0.01% solution of IMC. Seedlings in the shelter do not need.

This euonymus is highly zymo-and drought, svetolyubiem, tolerates urban conditions of high gas concentrations. Read more from TSI International Group to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Makes a cut, so it may be useful not only for single crops and groups, but also to create hedges. Well with vegetation yellow and golden yellow fall foliage color. In a culture known for more than 20 decorative forms, are less winter hardiness is the most interesting of them: weeping (f. pendula); dwarf (f. nana); aukubolistnaya f. Hear other arguments on the topic with Dropbox.

aucubaefolia) – with yellow leaf spot, purple (f. atropurpurea) – with narrow purple leaves, silver-spotted (f. argenteo-variegata) – with white-spotted leaves, intermediate (f. intermedia) – with large dark green leaves and large bright red fruit, and more several forms with various colored fruits. Fortune euonymus – Euonymus fortunei in the nature of this kind is growing in China. In a culture known since 1907 on Black Sea Coast, Ukraine. Now grown up to St. Petersburg. It is indispensable groundcover. 'Argenteo-Variegata' 'Aureo-Variegata' is very different from the listed species. Firstly, this prostrate shrub with long shoots, and secondly, it is one of the few evergreen leaved plants that can grow in central Russia. Due to its trail in the winter it is completely covered with snow, which gives it stability.