Environmental Award For Mobile Homes

(Online article) – BAFA: rapid action needed BAFA confirmed environmental bonus for campers to the adoption in the Cabinet started the ACFA with the processing of applications for environmental award for motorhomes. The directive on the promotion of sales of passenger cars”is adopted by the Cabinet on January 27, 2009. (Annex XXIX of the road) also travel mobile, thus the environmental bonus according to this wording also applies among the class ml. Also, the purchase of a new vehicle for the scrapping of an old car is recognized. This means that the customer can scrap as his old car and receives 2500 euro premium by the BAFA also when purchasing a new motorhome. 1.5 billion euros available are the BAFA to the promotion of the vehicle. As well, the premium is up to December 31, 2009 limited, regardless of whether or not money is left. It is for the customer to act so quickly. The official and only valid Application forms to download at are.