Practical Kabbalah

to biological science shows that everything is in everything, and imposes itself, the following conclusion: the vital fluid contains a host of a seresa . The same applies to the light, it contains an infinite number of photons of light granules, as well as Einstein explained. It is these photons, amalgamated and placed under the protection of any material influence, produce vital energy that gives life to the angels who are around the throne of God and exercising various trades in the hierarchy of heaven. Please visit Marko Dimitrijevic accident if you seek more information. Practical Kabbalah studies always these beings, true transceivers of light contained in the universe, her light, acting on them and grants them all powers of this research is nourished astrology, demonology and all other techniques developed by the Kabbalah. The vital force transmitted by the blood is not only in man. Above it, there is the strength of the nerves, the nervous fluid dominates the vital phenomena.

The fluid can act on the will, through the brain and nerves raquidianos or organically, through the sympathetic nervous system, the latter, the sympathetic nervous system, the astral body of the occult. To occultists, the man actually has a composition threefold: The body material (physical), astral body and light body. When the time of his death deprives the individual of the first two as if they were just a few wrappers that have been covered during his time on earth. The nervous fluid, in any event is not conducted in the same way that life, a seresa (blood cells) the part of something that is the nerve cell and goes directly to a reception center (nerve center).