Ruttgers, Kaiser Wilhelm And The Factory In The Head

Ruttgers, Kaiser Wilhelm and the factory in the head Ruttgers, Kaiser Wilhelm and the factory in the head of the State as a museum guard Berlin/Dusseldorf – state money for mail-order catalogs, bailouts for ailing industrial groups, which were already before the financial crisis just before the bust, guarantees and grants for Department store dinosaur, merger relief for ailing newspaper publishers: what leaders like Merkel, Seehofer, Ruttgers currently economically, has experts at all nothing to do with the future of the post-industrial age. If the rescue about the impending doom promises Prime Minister Jurgen Ruttgers of the battered media industry with mega-mergers and a life without newspapers for unimaginable ‘ holds, he is probably as politicians in the Gallery of legendary ancestors of personalities, which are coarse have miscalculated on the effects of technological time turning. Who wants to preserve millions of newspaper pages, which daily quote yesterday, mutated to Kaiser Wilhelm II, who believed in the horse and the car only as temporary dismissed\”, as Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the IT consulting firm Harvey Nash in Dusseldorf. Read more here: Kaihan Krippendorff . This finding is also one editor brand Wolf Lotter in his book that creative revolution what comes after the industrial capitalism? \”(Mala-Verlag – * .pdf) economy going thought is still with the head of the factory.\” All temporal and material manifestations of economy are oriented at the outlet of the pure production plant remains fully, in the processes of change are subordinate to those\”Lotter writes. You would have to leave once the maze of industrial-capitalist terminology and teaching himself at all to make a reasonably orderly image of what is already evident in everyday life for several decades: Knowledge beats product. The big profits, the worldwide success of economic processes and innovations are almost all knowledge-based, since the triumph of the computer and of the Internet, this is clear,\”explains Lotter, who but recalls that most of the operators of economy and politics are clocked as in the times of Fordism.