Tips For Exam Success

How to successfully pass the exam? What should I do that would not worry about the exam? Most importantly, do not worry about the exam, you should be good to prepare for it. The excitement of course, about the excitement before going on stage (kind of exam before the audience), we have heard from many famous actors and singers. You may want to visit Herbert Simon to increase your knowledge. If you believe that a well prepared, but still too worried, it is necessary to understand the causes of your anxiety. Try analyze the degree of excitement, his fitness and the probability of passing the examination, according to the formula put forth. Emotional resonance – both bearing-uprostitel goal. E = M * V 2, where E – energy of emotions, emotional resonance and the so-called 'SENSE of purpose = Instinct' and M – the power of dreams and motivation in general; V – speed and simplify implementation of Dreams Goal. And bold in battle:). In my personal experience of standing at the door examination of courage does not add, go to "attack" in the "top five".. .