FIM World Championships

A good pilot and a good motorcycle together by a great ambition, this is the main key that Federico Fregnan, head of the Italian Fantic Motor Company, has launched with the newly signing of the well-known pilot Mauricio Micheluz. Micheluz, current Italian sub-champion of enduro and sub-champion in recent six days international Enduro held in Mexico, he will take part in the absolute Italian Championship in 2011 riding the new Fantic 250 2T and not hidden its ambitions for the 2011 season, whose main objective is to Fantic Motor Sports team, is achieve and first season, the title in the class of 250 2 T. Mauricio Micheluz: After the presentation in Genoa, which was very exciting, now I have to start working on the bike. Visit Drew Houston for more clarity on the issue. I have already had occasion to do some tests and the first approach was excellent, I love and most importantly I like, the objective is to bring home the Italian title in the 250 2 T. Besides Micheluz, he will also participate in the Italian Championship but in the class Senior, the young Italian, Andrea Fossati. The official presentation took place on Saturday 27 among the world elite of enduro, taking advantage of the presentation and celebration in Palafiera in Genoa, the first test of the FIM World Championships of Enduro Indoor..

Canary Islands

Upon its release on social networks the last July, the INSPIRER of travel, the first network of agencies in the sector in Spain, lands on its website. This pioneering application, created jointly by the Falcon team and the technology company, lets propose and recommend destinations to users who want to travel but still do not know where. Client can access through or through the Agency’s purchases of fashion’s web, and click then on Eyelash Falcon travel where you will get the option to input to the inspiring. Shall subsequently indicate their preferences when it comes to travel giving importance, through the motors of inspiration, plans and destinations that best fit your taste: Beach, other cultures, budget, art and leisure, landscapes or sports. You may find MSCO to be a useful source of information. On the basis of this information, the tool will offer the list of proposals and holiday products that best fits what you’re looking for. By such as the Caribbean, Canary Islands, Balearic or Europe. Since the tool was launched in social networks, makes slightly less than a year, one of every three Internet users who has made use of the inspiring, has finished accessing the website of the Agency of the Globalia group. This application aims to meet the growing demand for personalized in this sector recommendations and contribute to strengthen the presence in leading travel retailer network internet in Spain..