Mount Olympus

A day you suddenly rise of the good humor decidida/o and optimist in what you are going to find your twin soul, that person for which you have yourself been preparing so many years and about that as much you have dreamed to share your life. And it happens, you find your twin soul and suddenly your existential conflicts are solved, you obtain all the affection, affection, tenderness and recognition that did not give you in the childhood, contributes security to you and confidence and with her you feel, finally, realizada/o. What good, your life acquires sense! If before you did not know your twin soul it was because simply this one had not appeared still. It sounds grandiloquent and, sincerely, difficult to think if we make a brief reflection. However, in our culture still the idea that remains effective in some place is one twin soul to ours or one average orange that it complements to us. The terminology can be varied but the concept seems to converge in the one of a person with whom we establish a perfect symbiosis and that automatically replaces our needs.

The origin of the idea twin soul attributes to the work the banquet of Plato in whom it is described like Zeus, God of the Mount Olympus, punishes the androgynous beings, double beings and decides to divide them in two split halves that continuously they look for its complementary half. It seems evident that of some form, in major or minor degree, this ideology follows effective in our form to think present as far as finding pair. But this approach brings of in case some ideas that make difficult beginning a relation to us heal and balanced. We are going to detach a pair of them superficially: The fact that a single twin soul exists it does not contemplate that as people continuously we are changing, growing, learning and evolving.