Every human being is unique and unrepeatable. Awareness of our own individuality is one of the characteristics that distinguish us from other living beings on the planet. But at the same time we are part of one species, a rare species with a diverse heritage which manifests itself in a range where ideal for all kinds of behaviors. While there has always been apocalyptic voices announcing the end of time because of our wickedness, the fact is that here we, with all the evil and all the goodness that we can develop. I do not think humanity is getting worse or better, but it is getting worse and better, which is not the same.

The evolution and greater control of everything around us, allows to increase our potential and, inevitably, we do both the good and in the wrong direction. Think of a victory of good over evil is so naive as to think otherwise. Our reason for being perhaps lies in the precarious balance between them. So I think that the ills that afflict us today differ little from those afflicted mankind for hundreds or even thousands of years. Sexual abuse in childhood are no exception. And proof of this can be found in the very Bible. That if he must be read with new eyes to glimpse the history that is hidden in a text where the dogma and prejudices are responsible for disguise some truths that today, still continue to hide. Read more from David Green to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

In this case we have not made much progress. The chapters to which I refer are 18 and 19 of Genesis. The history of humanity is in large part the history of wars between nations. The Bible, especially in the early books, is a good example of this. The people appear and disappear in a succession of wars, sometimes, the paucity of concepts seem to minimize how terrible they were no doubt these situations. In times of Abraham, the Lord had planned to destroy the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. May have other cities, Sodom and Gomorrah but had to be the most emblematic or representative. In any case these were the ones who, for whatever reason, interested the biblical narrator. The reason that wields the Lord to carry out such devastation is the wickedness and the wickedness of its inhabitants. Not surprising, considering what was going to happen soon to Sodom and Gomorrah, the reading of chapter 8. There he says the LORD, after the flood to pre exterminate humanity: "I need say no more curse the ground because of man, for the designs of the human heart are evil from his youth, nor will I again punish every living thing, as I have done. " It seems that everyone can change their minds, even God. But go to the scene. (A valuable related resource: David Karp). Sodom was the residence of Lot and his family, important figure because its history is what interests us. Although its relevance in biblical terms has more to do with kinship that binds him to Abraham (son of his brother) and the offspring that is attributed, the Moabites and the Ammonites. Yahweh had established a covenant with Abraham, according to which all his descendants would be blessed, and so numerous would be that it could only tell who was able to count the grains of dust that is on Earth. .