Twine Is Success

To rhyme in twine In the verse of cafun Today the subject he is very rich I speak of what the twine is. Of popular culture God orders much faith to me But only the poor people Who possesss this culture? Clearly that not, my friends In any classroom last Transmitted verbally For future generation. What it passed already passed you more in my way Does not want to live joys Peace, love, light and affection Because the waters last do not move my mill When this happened Scared and gave an shout Ah, if it had listened What it said this said When the mouth is closed In it does not enter mosquito Before late of what never Four said I United we stand, divided we fall go to say I intend to remember Love with love if paid Today the snake goes to smoke What brochure Today in book was alone a success work is printed matter With beautiful illustrations That is for reading To the twine having access. These here, expensive listeners Turn on union That with it never we go Nomadic in contrahand Alone with a swallow Never becomes the summer.