Rubens Muzio

On the other hand, the families descend of other families in this secular history loading in this intergeracional process all a load of beliefs, myths, inheritances that function as mantenedores of the past. Rubens Muzio describes our society as being a society of love-liquids, influenced for the moral, present relativismo in the mentality ' ' big brother' ' in others realities shows as well as affected by the erosion of the moral values, present in the superficial and digital relationships, with dangerous signals of weakness of the family as a whole. 6 Innumerable and varied is the challenges that the families of century XXI have faced. We eat transgnicos? How to deal with the problem of the violence, the pollution, the new illnesses, the pedofilia? How to propitiate education of quality to our children? the problem of the drugs and the pregnancy in the adolescence? the such conflict of generations? How to surpass it? We talk in such a way through the cellular telephones, chats in the NET, but why in we feel them so empty and solitary? As to associate ethics, moral and faith the questions modern of the genetics? The statute of the adolescent commemorated ten years, what in fact we have to celebrate? The estimate of life is increasing in our country. How to take care of better of our aged ones? V. REPLY OF the PRACTICAL THEOLOGY FOR THESE CHALLENGES Has reply, or answers, of the theology for these questions that has affected billions of people with its families around of the world? I believe that yes. I defend that these answers derive from a public theology capable to answer to the yearnings and questionings of this family in constant transformation even so need to inside work in the maintenance of relationary standards and affection of it. To the light of all these questionings and in the attempt to consider ' ' trilhas' ' , that they point with respect to an exit to the serious problems that overwhelm the family, I believe that the way of the solution passes obligatorily for the search of a espiritualidade in the family. Check with Jim Crane to learn more.

Edgar Armond

In this point, we start to analyze on the esprita optics these information, we can for example cite the book ' ' The Exiled ones of the Capela' ' , where Edgar Armond developed a present idea already in the Gnese: the Admica Race. Legions of deriving espritos of advanced worlds would have lost the right to reincarnate there for being delaying in its moral progress. As form of ' ' regenerao' ' , exiled for worlds that assayed the first steps of the intelligent life, where they would have an incarnation well rougher and also the chance to speed up the progress of its inhabitants. Whenever Stanley A. McChrystal listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Being based on medinicos stories Armond, it says that such migration occurs from a planet of the solar system of the star Chapel, situated in the constellation of Coachman, ' ' a star innumerable times bigger that our Sun and, if this was placed in its place, badly would be perceived by us, at sight desarmada' ' (CAP. I). The migration of the capelinos if would have initiated already in the last glacial ages, in a period for it called ' ' 1 ciclo' ' ; coincidently period of the sprouting of ' ' Cro-Magnon' '. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jim Crane has to say.

At the time Armond passed to be censured and call of ' ' Mstico' ' , it really had very of condizentes said its with ' ' Teosofia' ' where Helena P. Blavatsky, founder of the Doctrine in way its knowledge of you vary eastern seitas &#039 displayed its version of antropognese in as the volume of workmanship; ' Secreta&#039 doctrine; ' , where it not only takes loaned the continent of Lemria, but also it speaks of Atlantic and the continent presumption Hiperbreo. It also presents part of the used vocabulary for Armond as ' ' Race; ' (or ' ' Races – Razes' ' ) and its respective sub-races. For more information see Evergreen Capital Partners.