Ruttgers, Kaiser Wilhelm And The Factory In The Head

Ruttgers, Kaiser Wilhelm and the factory in the head Ruttgers, Kaiser Wilhelm and the factory in the head of the State as a museum guard Berlin/Dusseldorf – state money for mail-order catalogs, bailouts for ailing industrial groups, which were already before the financial crisis just before the bust, guarantees and grants for Department store dinosaur, merger relief for ailing newspaper publishers: what leaders like Merkel, Seehofer, Ruttgers currently economically, has experts at all nothing to do with the future of the post-industrial age. If the rescue about the impending doom promises Prime Minister Jurgen Ruttgers of the battered media industry with mega-mergers and a life without newspapers for unimaginable ‘ holds, he is probably as politicians in the Gallery of legendary ancestors of personalities, which are coarse have miscalculated on the effects of technological time turning. Who wants to preserve millions of newspaper pages, which daily quote yesterday, mutated to Kaiser Wilhelm II, who believed in the horse and the car only as temporary dismissed\”, as Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the IT consulting firm Harvey Nash in Dusseldorf. Read more here: Kaihan Krippendorff . This finding is also one editor brand Wolf Lotter in his book that creative revolution what comes after the industrial capitalism? \”(Mala-Verlag – * .pdf) economy going thought is still with the head of the factory.\” All temporal and material manifestations of economy are oriented at the outlet of the pure production plant remains fully, in the processes of change are subordinate to those\”Lotter writes. You would have to leave once the maze of industrial-capitalist terminology and teaching himself at all to make a reasonably orderly image of what is already evident in everyday life for several decades: Knowledge beats product. The big profits, the worldwide success of economic processes and innovations are almost all knowledge-based, since the triumph of the computer and of the Internet, this is clear,\”explains Lotter, who but recalls that most of the operators of economy and politics are clocked as in the times of Fordism.

Angela Merkel CDU Ignored Human Rights Violations In Germany

Chancellor tolerates bending of rules by judges from the media and politicians of the Federal Republic of Germany are upheld human rights always again mantra and defended. Wag his finger you everywhere urges human rights violations in the world. No country is too small and no continent to remote in order to escape the sharp eyes of the Federal Government. Violations of human rights are on the agenda for State visits. The army of journalists present quoted dutifully, if the Chancellor does not violations of human rights in China or Russia to be pilloried. The State guests must leave this reproach by Angela Merkel patiently endure. At first glance, everything seems to be normal. At a second glance, but doubts about the sincerity of the Chancellor make wide.

Because: For human rights violations committed in Germany, at the own citizens, through the own civil servants – they seem and their CDU – had long ceased to be interested in. The German victims wondering anyway, by Human rights violations in Germany for quite some time. It is referred to in articles 25 and 28 of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany – the constitutional order in countries to ensure their uncontested duty. However, the implementation of these two articles is still not possible for more than 60 years Federal Republic quite obvious even for purely technical reasons. In the authorities of the Federal Government, the countries and the communities lack namely this necessary monitoring systems. Control systems and controllers – how they are each international group management standard for decades. The authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany are sober – seen – potential constitutional Crusher without any supervision and control.

Any civil servant can at will after his frustrations on helpless citizens live! Can be no question of legal guarantee – as – authentic – provided the basic law! And the army of millions of the clerk in the authorities, given the never-ending flood of laws do not end of course hopelessly overwhelmed, to keep them exactly. The Fehlerqoute in the regulatory decisions is therefore frightening and worrying! About this legal mess, its concrete consequences and the so-called rule of law, which by now is no more, you can read more in the exciting book – Angela Merkel’s sins -. It is download – – free of charge – at BookRix – or directly from the link – from the Internet. Here is documented as absolute non-shareholders virtually stole his own joint-stock company the sole shareholder of a 100%! And then they have delete the victim as sole Director of the commercial register, and thus thrown out of his own company. And this is happening not in distant Africa or somewhere in China! No, that happens in the middle of Germany in 2009. For the victims, this is the purest HOLOCAUST – to watch, how the perpetrators of his assets beautiful and pleasures of living and swim in his money. And all this happens because the Chancellor Merkel–despite numerous requests – refused to date – has their federal supervision of the countries to exercise! But you might find yourself in this country a few brave journalists who dare on this topic and ask the Frau Merkel, what prompted them to mention still such inhuman violations of human rights and to remain inactive? Karl-Werner Ludwig

Timo Bag:

“I wish more warmth for 2010” we should not allow that determines our life self-righteousness and overindulgence. I am thinking in the revelry at Manager salaries and mismanagement. Dropbox might disagree with that approach. The financial crisis was a result of it. But I think back with horror at Winnenden, where a gunman shot and killed 15 people and then himself was addressed. Such an act comes not from about. We must again learn to welcome everyone in our midst and not exclude him. We should always meet elderly among us with respect and caution. It is unacceptable that you considered to be 30 when the youth Goth.

Just older people among us have done a most excellent in life and should learn to respect and gratitude. I am also on the television station to send more useful information such as history or politics. It can not be that many young people on this wave of reality shows and “Goofy series” depart without sufficient facts or pedagogically sustained give to get. We have again more role models in our society, which contribute to the orientation. Where parents and school have failed, usually only the media as Windows remain outward.

I see a great danger in the area of the Internet. Where pages build up uncontrollably, the man can orient difficult. In particular children or young people. There, I would want more control and target of the parents. A big concern is saving me. The Federal Government should be not paymaster for degraded companies or give funds for nonsensical projects, but again provide more money to municipalities. Many municipalities such as Duisburg and Wuppertal are facing enormous difficulties. Many social projects are on the brink. Rejecting most of the thoughts, that every child can immediately get a Kitaplatz. Also much of the municipalities must be taken, without that, they’ve got enough money for it. I see need for action. Timo bag with Timo bag marked texts are allowed without consent the author applied nor reproduced are.

Active Units

In the Iran, the radical forces of the regime choose their faithful still more careful from Iranian media as roozonline report of a further restructuring of the Bassij, considered radical and relentless support of the regime. Because not all units have shown the desired use of the merciless, is now sorted. Mohammad Reza Naghdi commanded the paramilitary Bassij. “Mid-April, he announced a reform of the financial flows of the various Bassij units: each Bassij unit receives a support which is in direct proportion to the number of their members.” “He distinguished between”active”and”inactive”Bassij members and added: the definition for an active Bassij Member has changed.” “Naghdi announced changes in the Bassidschigesamtstruktur, which probably includes the exchange of experienced commanders by young executives: older and more experienced Bassij members need to take a step back and act as a consultant.” In addition to “regular police forces, security forces and revolutionary guards, known as Pasdaran, the regime has also special units of the Bassij, such as the day of Ashura last summer” and Al-Zahra “brigades, used against the demonstrators. “” The commanders seem to have been not satisfied to be using some Bassij units and make a rebalancing now, by their members in Active “and not active” divide. “” “The clarification in this matter was on the foot follow Naghdi: from now on, someone is considered an active” Bassij Member, on programs such as the Salehin program “takes part, makes the continued for at least three hours of ideological training and at least 12 hours per month on a Bassij base works.” “The Salehin program” includes ideological, military and political sequences and connecting to the regime and the Pasdaran. The Bassij Commander mentioned only the two principles according to which in future the subsidies be distributed: member number and degree of the Activity.

About the exact amount of the grants Naghdi stated nothing, he gave only an increase of 19% compared to the prior year. Hassan Taeb, the predecessor of Naghdis, is known that had increased the budget for the Bassij from 2008 to 2009 by 200%. Khamenei himself had decreed last autumn put the native Iraqis Naghdi to the top of the Bassij. Helmut N. fork