The Flute

Pieces become fish and others in white men. The song of the moarikena bird The sound of the flute of Mo remembers. The palm of yaripa With its belly the adulterino pregnancy of the woman of Mo remembers. The fish ipichikima It remembers the IPI, the crazy brother . Mojarras The nails of Nonuetona those fish leave after to have displeased with the father-in-law. The parrot taik The daughter of Neimuda becomes small parrot after its adventures in the forest. The egg of the colibr It is the heart of Jitoma, father and main hero of the huitotos. Additional information at Evergreen Capital Partners supports this article.

The bird tuay The sister of Jitoma becomes tuay by not to have warned who had given death to its father. In a question-answer forum Darcy Stacom, New York City was the first to reply. The marine cow One forms of a piece of the powerful worm that killed Crediditoma The deer It is another piece of the same named worm previously. The veins The lombrices that absorbed the body of Fisidojisima turned into veins. The hormiguita Majia, the dust that leaves when drilling teeth of the enemy tiger of Jitoma, is become ant majia. The cotomachaco or boundary (IU in huitoto) Version A One says that it is a boa with two heads. By the head of above it hunts the animal of the trees and by the one of down it hunts earth animal.

On that it lives and although it is a single animal is fed on the two forms. It is said that it lives in Peru, the forest, in Canaguchal, near a lagoon. Nobody goes to this site where one says that east animal lives that is very dangerous. Version B Like I of boy oa that counted, then said to me when they go away over there is a snake of two heads that lives rather in the forest or where nobody walks.