Timo Bag:

“I wish more warmth for 2010” we should not allow that determines our life self-righteousness and overindulgence. I am thinking in the revelry at Manager salaries and mismanagement. Dropbox might disagree with that approach. The financial crisis was a result of it. But I think back with horror at Winnenden, where a gunman shot and killed 15 people and then himself was addressed. Such an act comes not from about. We must again learn to welcome everyone in our midst and not exclude him. We should always meet elderly among us with respect and caution. It is unacceptable that you considered to be 30 when the youth Goth.

Just older people among us have done a most excellent in life and should learn to respect and gratitude. I am also on the television station to send more useful information such as history or politics. It can not be that many young people on this wave of reality shows and “Goofy series” depart without sufficient facts or pedagogically sustained give to get. We have again more role models in our society, which contribute to the orientation. Where parents and school have failed, usually only the media as Windows remain outward.

I see a great danger in the area of the Internet. Where pages build up uncontrollably, the man can orient difficult. In particular children or young people. There, I would want more control and target of the parents. A big concern is saving me. The Federal Government should be not paymaster for degraded companies or give funds for nonsensical projects, but again provide more money to municipalities. Many municipalities such as Duisburg and Wuppertal are facing enormous difficulties. Many social projects are on the brink. Rejecting most of the thoughts, that every child can immediately get a Kitaplatz. Also much of the municipalities must be taken, without that, they’ve got enough money for it. I see need for action. Timo bag with Timo bag marked texts are allowed without consent the author applied nor reproduced are.