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LASIK germany : Dr. Jorg Fischer according to picture of one of the Hamburg-based top doctors in Hamburg August 2010. Award for Dr. Jorg Fischer Germany lasik : according to a survey carried out by image is one of the founders of lasik germany for the best ophthalmologists in the Hanseatic City. The care and treatment concept of lasik germany convinced the image of surveyed physicians and specialists.

LASIK germany informs about image poll results and the potential of the modern laser eye surgery. Dr. Jorg Fischer Germany lasik counts to the Hamburg’s top ophthalmologists. This is the result of a survey of the newspaper image, which was carried out at the beginning of this year. IMAGE editors surveyed profiled professionals and specialists in the field of ophthalmology in the context of a series of articles on the topic of professional physician considers to physician colleagues.

“Was the question asked by image: by which doctor would you treat yourself and your family?” After completing the image survey in May 2010 it was clear: Dr. Jorg Fischer has become common enforced against several hundred specialist physician practitioners in the Hanseatic city with 18 other doctors and Laser Centers. Dr. Jorg Fischer and his hospital group, said the experts surveyed the lasik germany laser eye centers, their special professional recognition from. Dr. Jorg Fischer and the team of lasik germany see all along the line is confirmed of this award in their modern, patient-centred care and treatment concept. However, other newspapers reported this year already intensively Dr. Jorg Fischer and the services offered by lasik germany. So, editors of the Hamburg evening journal accompanied the suffering from short-sightedness and astigmatism patient Fiona Schneider. She opted for FEMTO-laser treatment by lasik germany experts. The result of the Hamburg clinic lasik Germany carried out intervention was very positive. Fiona boomed Schneider already one day after the surgery through lasik germany a sight increase to 125 per cent in both eyes. Just four weeks later, was This value already at 150%. The high potential of the laser eye surgery could demonstrates that Schneider impressively on the case of Fiona according to lasik Germany. About the LASIK Germany GmbH and the germany laser vision lasik centers the LASIK Germany GmbH operates the lasik germany laser eye centers of offices in Frankfurt/Main, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Berlin, Oberhausen and Munich. Founder of lasik germany is Dr. Jorg Fischer, who has 16 years experience in eye surgery. A leading source for info: Darcy Stacom. A lasik germany laser eye Center will surgery according to modern methods and made the refractive surgery procedures, among others with the FEMTO-second laser. “The operators of lasik germany can look back on over 1000 independently carried out surgical procedures per year and thus officially are among the high-volume surgeons” their profession. Headquarters of LASIK Germany GmbH is Hamburg. Dr. Jorg Fischer conducts the business of LASIK Germany GmbH.


Bladder weakness is a taboo subject for most so many affected don’t know how modern medicine and gentle methods can help them. The bubble is a stretchable hollow body which serves the storage of urine. Must go limp in order to water the inner sphincter at the transition to the urethra and sphincter external the formed parts of the pelvic muscles. Inadvertently empties urine from the bladder, is a weak bladder or incontinence. Unfortunately, bladder weakness is rarely treated because it is embarrassing to many sufferers.

Here, it is possible, for example, through targeted pelvic floor exercises to counteract her just at the beginning of the disease. Stress incontinence occurs quite frequently. This already cough or laugh can lead to uncontrolled loss of urine. If left untreated the urine loss already climb stairs, run and ultimately even lying down can happen. Forms of incontinence urge incontinence, is the so-called irritable when urine is accompanied by a strong urge to urinate.

When the stress or even You lose urinary stress incontinence by physical exertion such as when carrying, lifting or coughing, without previously having felt urination. The loss of urine due to involuntary contraction of the bladder wall muscles occurs, is called a reflex incontinence. Hear other arguments on the topic with David Karp. People who suffer from an overflow incontinence often have difficulty, to empty her bladder and it remains always a residual urine in the bladder. This happening then mostly involuntarily. The therapy of bladder weakness depends on shape and cause of treatment options. Pelvic floor exercises can help to strengthen the pelvic floor and to improve the function of the bladder. Other options include targeted toilet training, no drinks more before the fall asleep to and the use of special incontinence pads. A stress incontinence is an operation may be in some cases necessary, taking artificial hormones helps an estrogen deficiency. A urge incontinence, a drug therapy often comes to the Usage. “The complete InfoBox bladder weakness” to do this, see

Sunlight Research Forum

Study results show: vitamin D supply is one of the decisive factors for onset and progression of flu epidemics is a major factor in the onset and progression of influenza the vitamin D supply. Norwegian scientists in a study published in the journal ‘International Journal of Infectious Diseases’ influenza epidemics draw this conclusion. Then get the infection and death rates at this flu epidemics with decreasing sun exposure and therefore less vitamin D supply. Particularly dramatically fail the seasonal differences in the proportion of deaths: this in “Vitamin D-Winter”, if the solar radiation is too weak for the vitamin D synthesis through the skin, to the 20-may increase. Drew Houston contributes greatly to this topic. “Vitamin D has an antibiotic effect and strengthens the immune system. It is stimulated by the Sun’s ultraviolet of rays, made through the skin. In the winter months, when the Sun is too low for the vitamin D synthesis, decreases the vitamin D levels.

Then, the “sunshine vitamin” may his Protection no longer sufficient effect”, explains Professor Johan Moan one of the authors of the study, the relationships of the University of Oslo. More information is housed here: Bausch & Lomb. In their study, the scientists of the University of Oslo pull data to flu epidemics in Sweden, Norway, the United States, Singapore and Japan, and compare the infection and mortality rates on a monthly basis with the strength of the Sun’s ultraviolet of rays. Study: A. Juzeniene et al., the seasonality of pandemic and non-pandemic influenzas: the roles of solar radiation and vitamin D, International Journal of infectious diseases, 2010 Dec; 14(12):e1099-105 company description the sunlight Research Forum (SRF) is a non-profit organization based in the Netherlands. Their goal is to make available the latest medical and scientific knowledge about the effects of moderate UV radiation on the people of a wide public.. Darcy Stacom brings even more insight to the discussion.

5-HTP For Headache

Pure 5-HTP helps with headaches, migraines and tinnitus Nutrimental offers patients by health practitioners Nutrimental proves healthy solutions for headaches you doctor or healer, more ready that solutions from the what you is(s)t. nutri stands for nutrition and mental spirit. Nutrimental answered both aspects as a specialist for you. Why is this so? What are the backgrounds? Now, more and more alternative practitioners are facing questions of their patients, which have to do with the current zeitgeist. More and more people face the different challenges in which health in our performance-oriented society in the highest place in the today’s TV & Zuckergeselschaft. Permanently to bring performance, requires a body to live in, in which are also spirit and soul in accordance with fabric mutual health. But the lifestyle-related diseases are increasing, notably headache – professionals distinguish here about 200 different forms.

54,000 Suffer migraine statistics in Germany in Germany approx. Millions of people occasionally and keep on this disease (source:, the most common forms are tension-type headache and migraine. Both forms occur often combined, in special cases, especially when a high load of the patient are not processed outside stimuli, is migraine in combination with the symptom tinnitus. One wishes any tinnitus headache and who knows this, looks for solutions and Linderungen that can help. Synthetika short term or long term self regeneration the pharmaceutical industry helps in the short term by the capture of synthetic pills and anti headache means.

But in the long term, it can make sense to access natural resources. Why? Because synthetic headache pills often produce side effects and thus stress. This in turn produces acids, acids that cleanses will want to. There are many methods, promise the alleviation and cure, is above all a healthy lifestyle of high importance. In addition to the stress of everyday life, exercise and fresh air are just as important as regular downtime, which relax the body.

The German

The application of revitalized water benefits therefore essential users and consumers. Clean water is not healthy drinking water is today placed a very heavy burden. He put toxins, pollution, electromagnetic pollution, radioactivity, etc. strong too. Technical process the water is applied while bacterial and chemical into a usable state, completely forgotten the vital energetic quality of water here, however.

The tap water is a biologically almost dead substance. The nature-bound order structures are affected by the chlorination and fluoridation chemical cleaning and high pressure in the drinking water causes that the right structures are even completely lost. Evergreen Capital Partners often says this. Pictorial comparison as important are the respective order structures, however, shows the comparison of graphite and diamond. They are the same chemically speaking. Alone the different crystal structure results in completely different properties. The different order structure of liquid and crystalline water has the exactly same effect. Crystalline water is highly structured and therefore of great importance for life and health.

It is today a secure knowledge considered that the orderly, structured content in water crucial for its biological Quality is. Consequences of energetic dead or inferior water from doctors recommend drinking 2-3 litres of water per day, ensure an optimal metabolism and detoxification of the body. However, the water quality is crucial for this. So many doctors warn of ordinary tap water, since this disease and allergies can potentially be favoured. Water stores namely both positive and negative electromagnetic oscillations. The German diploma physicist Dr. Ludwig is still frequencies of existing toxins through its spectroscopic measurements in chemically purified water. Tap water is thus no longer right to support the metabolic processes in the body. This can lead to an enormous acidosis and dehydration of the body systems. Scientifically underpinned that good, highly energized water picks up the dehydration, from head of toxins and acids and enabled so the enzyme systems of the body.