Armas Qumicas

Such amount does not include others 32,000 tons of fosfricos agents. Being thus, the total supply of chemical weapons declared by Russia are of approximately 72,000 tons of chemical and fosfricos agents. Of the total amount of chemical agents, 80% are nervous agents. These, for acting in the nervous system, are the most lethal chemical weapons. It enters the nervous agents in supply are distinguished the Germans Sarin, Soman and Tabun, beyond the Soviets R-VX and Novichok.

This last one possesss a superior lethality eight times to the one of excessively the nervous agents. Soviet chemical weapons e, currently, the Russians, belong to the classroom of the calls ' ' binrias' '. The binary chemical weapons are stored in the vectors of launching in the inactive form, being produced at the moment of the attack by means of the mixture of two stored different chemical composites in separate reservoirs of the vector. Thus, the manuscript of same for the land staff as well as the storage of such agents is not only safer. They are about the most modern existing chemical weapons, that also are available in the armories of the States Joined. The vectors of launching of the Russian chemical weapons include bombs, projectiles and ballistic rockets of artillery, missiles and sprays aerial installed in helicopters or tank.

Of the above-mentioned total supply, 20% already they had been destroyed in 2007 and 45% must be destroyed until December of 2009, according to terms of the Convention for the Proscription of Armas Qumicas (CPAQ). According to same Convention, all the armory of chemical weapons of Russia must be eliminated until April of 2012. The Soviet strategy for the job of the chemical weapons foresaw the use of these to open way for the forces of vanguard in the eventuality of a confrontation with the Ocidente, what it required that these were prepared to act in contaminated environment.