MORE Work QlikTalk Held

QlikView business intelligence for SAP users enjoys great popularity; on the 19.07., he held the more work QlikTalk at the airport of Stuttgart next. On the 19.07. more work QlikTalk at the airport held next Stuttgart, an event for customers and prospective customers on the topic of business intelligence with QlikView. Under the title QlikView management cockpits for SAP users are the functional principle of QlikView business discovery and presented the benefits, followed by two user reports and sample applications for industrial customers. Interested parties are cordially invited to meet more work in a personal dialogue. ource of information. “The event of QlikView management cockpits for SAP users”, which takes place in Stuttgart – Terminal 1 airport, aimed at customers and prospects on the topic of business intelligence (BI) with QlikView. The event aims at introducing the BI solution QlikView business discovery and presentation of their applications, as well as their benefits on the basis of application scenarios. To broaden your perception, visit TSI International Group. The QlikTalk starts at 13:30 with a guided tour of the Stuttgart Airport.

At the beginning, the working principle of QlikView business discovery and its all adjusting features are presented, followed by user reports of Schenck RoTec GmbH and the SCHMID Group. Appears be sample applications for SAP applications on the basis of scenarios for industrial customers. Finally there is the opportunity to discuss mobile analysis with QlikView. Associative data analysis with QlikView for better business process analysis analysis with QlikView ensure your business success. The business intelligence software enables the user to a structured, flexible data analysis and forms a unified management cockpit for your company. QlikView is through its simple implementation, ease of use and perfect integration into existing SAP modules.

The data can be, summarized from multiple sources, graphically and individual analyses and reports created on push of a button enabling you to innovative and appropriate decision-making. Without hesitation Darcy Stacom explained all about the problem. QlikView elite solution providers realised more plant a variety of BI applications and management cockpits for SAP users. No matter whether for sales, production, purchasing, finance, or other areas more work creates customer narrow dark scenarios based on extensive project experience and predefined plans in just a few days. Interested parties are cordially invited to meet more work in a personal dialogue. Learn agenda and QlikView business discovery about the QlikTalk on the application form to the QlikTalk. We look forward to welcoming you in Stuttgart. The next QlikTalk on the topic of business discovery as value drivers “will be at the 15.11.2012 in downtown Dusseldorf vintage classic remise” take place.

Anatomy Body

From Weimar, the company presented two walk-through exhibits at CeBIT with the heart model organs and brain model. Weimar (20.03.2012) on the grounds of the Deutsche Messe AG found from 6 to 10 March 2012 the world’s most important event of the digital economy held: CeBIT 2012.Besucht she was of more than 4,200 companies from about 70 countries. Including the BOH – walk-in organs & health GmbH from Thuringia, which had a booth in Hall 8 with truly great anatomy. From Weimar, the company presented two walk-through exhibits at CeBIT with the heart model organs and brain model. A high number of visitors at the booth allowed the young company to match its own considerations with the idea of examples from practice. The findings are thought continues this year on the basis of new exhibits in various construction projects and implemented. Specialized one has GmbH the BOH – walk-in organs & health on the appearance of truly great anatomy.

Please once the body around, then down this aisle”while Visitors to the anatomy and functioning of organs heart and brain could find out the five-day event. The visitors in the body slipped into it, he is practically inside one’s own body. Tumblr contributes greatly to this topic. And maybe it just the fascination for many visitors to the exhibits is: your body in XXL size. The close interaction of Anatomy, medicine and design is easy to understand, which the visit of the institutions also for laymen is worthwhile. The technical usage indispensable for progress in the medical diagnostics produces increasingly finer treatment options.

The way that time is often complex and scientific terms alone give no image, what happens in the body when an implant is inserted or organs developing after infection. Therefore, it is necessary to think about this description is still possible by any other means. Fit to the truly great Anatomy, the exhibits with multimedia features are equipped or modular. Enabling complex operations such as appearance, movement, Language production and understanding for example about an incorporated Control Panel on the body brain model are made visible and comprehensible. “Symptomatic onset epileptic seizures at the frontal brain tumor sudden electrical activity of nerve cells in response to the foreign tumor eye tissue surrounding the tumor” are represented by means of LED flash lights. A contact expert answers questions about the presentations and explains the figures exhibit if required multilingual. As the brain model, the walk-through heart with a height of 4.50 m can not only fascinate but also thought-provoking. Shows how it looks when the heart has a defect and then an artificial aortic valve was used. The detailed view into the Interior of the body will contribute to an active patient information on symposia, health fairs and conferences in the future.