Natural Resources Consumption

Designer next to company must prevent the extreme consuming of natural resources, in general particular the explored ones for mining. It must also prevent the resultant residues of the process of manufacture for indifference in the stages of planning, stage this where it is necessary to think the use of the product, its discarding mainly as for the extreme production of packings (CASAGRANDE, 2004). Conclusion designer possesss the ability and capacity technique of the visual construction, if being valid psychology, cognition, linguistics, semiotics among others resources interdisciplinares to promote the communication visual. But if it makes necessary to think beyond the tecnicidade, to reflect stops beyond the marketing coercion that even so some companies think about support, still has a long way of radical changes in the disruption of dominant consumista thought, the globalization. We must think about the importance of the visual alfabetizao as resource, that is, the capacity of clarity of the visual communication not only of matrix aesthetic, but functional so that if it creates a change of behavior and quality of life. ' ' The importance of this so simple fact comes excessively being neglected for long time.

Visual intelligence increases the effect of intelligence human being, extends the creative spirit. One is not only about a necessity, but, happily, of a promise of human enrichment for futuro' ' (DONDIS, 2007 p.231). Visual, proportionate intelligence for a correct visual communication on the part of designer, takes the society to evolve, if to become capable to act with social and sustainable responsibility. It is also necessary to be creative, to come innovative solutions. creative people had made this recombining what already it exists, without waiting for partner-economic changes. ' ' People who, of colaborativa form, it invents, it improves and manage innovative solutions for new ways of vida' ' (MERONI, 2007 apud MANZINI, 2008 p.64) designer, as a visual communicator, has in its hands the power to influence the society.