Formentera League

And beer saved Formentera scientists are clear: the only way of generating real knowledge is through the scientific method, and the best methodology: the experimental. For those who have not heard much about this method I will explain with an example of what is essentially. Let’s imagine that we have two rats (also serve as guinea pigs, apes, or any other animal of the same species) and much better if they have precise genetic material, IE twins/ACE. The two animals grow in the same environment, eating the same and both are perfectly healthy. Controlled variables (inherent in your own mouse) internal, and external, i.e. environmental conditions, one of them is decides to give him an experimental drug which, for example, it is believed can make lose appetite the animal that ingests it. If after taking this drug, the animal begins to lose weight and eat less, and the procedure is repeated enough, can be derived that the substance effectively manages somehow affect what Note our nervous system that controls hunger. Although this is quite simplified, the idea is this.

All matters called Sciences come to the scientific method of face get truths and be able to predict the future, the natural sciences have it easier to be able to manipulate plants or substances more easily; in the social sciences, or in those where the object of study is the human, the thing is quite more complicated due to the ethical conflict that can be derived from this. However, and although it is impossible to establish direct relationships between causes on other effects, it is sometimes impossible to say no to the impact of an event on something or someone. It is very difficult to understand how it is possible that while in all the Balearic Islands hotel occupancy rate has fallen more or less, but has fallen, in Formentera it has gone up nearly two points. We were even more perplexed when checking that the Italian tourism, the main transmitter of visitors to this island, has dropped substantially while his job market has covered it Spanish, market that in other areas has dropped dramatically. Undoubtedly Ibiza hotels look puzzled and a little envious to this evidence as many rarities are too many to be a coincidence.

For me, and even if you don’t have scientific evidence that hold me, the answer lies in a television commercial that has been running this summer several times and that promotes an alcoholic drink, in this case, a brand of beer. It is quite likely that you already know what brand stables talking and have seen the announcement and even the catchy tune by making them tatarear tuning without realizing it has glued them. The action a boy takes place in Formentera, and 20 seconds young man who reaches only Formentera League nothing more enter, the batch is given with a pivon, dancing, nothing, splash, anyway he passes it on pipe. Always served with a cold beer of the brand in question.