The Police

The police aimed with their electrical pistols and loaded against the disabled one. A neighbor of the zone noticed the officials that well the young person could not communicate. The mother of the attacked one demands damages and prejudices by illegal use of the force. Two agents of Dayton, city located to the Southeast of Ohio (the USA), attacked a disabled young person thinking that this one were needing to the respect. After several misunderstandings, the police used their pistols of electrical unloadings against Jesse and was arrested.

Everything began when Jesse Kersey left in bicycle near its house to give a return and the Willie official stopped to him with the intention to do preguntass to him. Before the difficulty of the disabled one, of 17 years, to communicate, the agents thought that she was a lack of respect towards the police body and they began to him to shout. Jesse was put nervous and been towards its house so that her mother helped him to explain the happened thing, which caused a new misunderstanding in the officials when thinking that this one was occurring to the flight. By the way, one of the neighbors clarified a the agents who were an error and that Jesse could not speak with normality, but these asked that she separated to him or, otherwise, would be arrested. When arriving at house, the mother of Jesse, was her son who was being aimed by two police.

Once inside, the defendant, Hooper and Howard, used their pistols and realised electrical unloadings in the back of Jesse, that was asking that stopped. Next, they there were dew to him with pepper aerosol. Jesse was handcuffed and they took it in the police car, defendant of assault to a peace official, resistance to the authority and obstruction of the official functions of the agents. The mother of the young person, Pamela Ford, assures that the agents already knew that his son was disabled and who it was a junior. In agreement with the denunciation realised in the County of Montgomery, Jesse, after one pretends lack of respect to the agents, left running to look for its mother to clarify the situation, since he could not solve the problem nor communicate so that the police understood to him. In addition, in the denunciation, friendly of the district assure that they noticed to the demanded agents several times of which Jesse was disabled and podia not to understand what it was sucendiendo. Nevertheless, the court of minors of the County of Montgomery declared to innocent Jesse and the positions in his against were eliminated. Jesse and its mother both demand damages and damages to Dayton and officials, by illegal halting, illegal arrest, malicious persecution, assault, aggression and excessive and illegal use of the force.